10 Worst Remakes of All Time In Hollywood

Hollywood loves remakes, sequels, prequels, and spin-offs these days. It is very hard to come by some new and unique content. With so many old movies being remade we are tired of saying that the original was better. Still, it keeps on happening and we get many remakes every other year. These are some of the worst remakes of all time:

 10. The Omen:

The remake of the Oscar-winning movie from 1976 was nothing short of a disaster. Based on a classic horror movie, the 2006 remake couldn’t impress the critics or the audience. The movie got bad reviews and also managed to receive a Razzie award for the Worst Supporting Actor.

 9. Poltergeist:

Another horror movie remake that failed to impress was the 2015 remake of the horror classic ‘Poltergiest’. The horror classic from the 80s was a very successful film which made it obvious that it would surely get a remake in the future. 20th Century Fox invested in the project but the movie couldn’t earn a good amount back. The film also got a worst movie award in the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.

8. Robocop:

Another example of a bad remake is this 2014 remake of the legendary action film Robocop. The remake had a PG-13 rating and therefore a lot of action sequences had to be toned down to cater to a larger audience. This affected the film’s business as the original had made its name because of the brutal action in it.

7. Friday the 13th:

The successful series got a remake in 2009 starring Jared Padalecki, one half of the Supernatural series brother duo. The movie ran for an hour and 37 minutes and gave viewers an unoriginal stereotypical slasher film, without any of the fun ‘70s nostalgia.

6. The Invasion:

Another horror masterpiece from the 80s that was recreated for the big screen. The 2007 remake of ‘The Invasion’ starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig added nothing new to the classic story. Warner Brothers invested in this movie but got a disappointing response from the audience. Even the star power of Kidman and Craig could not help this movie.

5. Footloose:

One of the most successful dance movies that was nominated for two Academy awards in 1984. Seeing the potential for a reboot of the original, Paramount Pictures produced and distributed a remake of the production in 2011. The remake was a flop and the weird thing is that the original was released in the US only and the remake was released internationally and still earned less. The original brought in 80 million and the remake only got 64 million.

4. Fantastic Four:

This is a tricky one and so let’s just make it clear that we are not saying that the original movie was any good. The 2005 movie ‘Fantastic four’ did not get any good reviews and was nominated for Razzie awards too. Still a remake was made and again we got a disappointing movie that was called the worst movie of the year in 2015.

3. Fame:

The 1980 movie Fame received 2 Academy awards and is known as one of the best musicals till date. Fame documented the stories of some performing arts students as they attempted to make their way from the classrooms to the big stage. MGM studios tried to recreate the magic of the original but was not successful. The film received a nomination for “Remake That Shouldn’t Have Been Made”.

2. The Karate Kid:

Even Jackie Chan could not save the remake of the classic action film that gave us the best teacher-student partnership. The remake was not bad and Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith had good chemistry but it could not match the magic of the original and wasn’t as memorable. Jackie Chan was good but the fans still like the original Mr. Miyagi more and we can’t argue with that.

 1. Carrie:


The Stephen King novel that sold more than a million copies in its first year was adapted twice for the big screen and the first movie was immensely successful and got 2 Academy awards. The remake starred the young Chloe Grace Moretz in the role of the troubled teen Carrie who can move things with her mind. The movie could not recreate the magic of the original and was a below average film that did not create any buzz at the box office.

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