10 Incredibly Powerful Super Humans From Marvel’s Agents of Shield

Agents of Shield has come a long way since its inception a few years ago. It already has 4 seasons under his belt with a fifth insanely awesome one already on air. There is a lot about the TV Show than meets the eye. The show has been subtler in its screen time for superhumans but after five seasons, their numbers are quite a lot. Let’s have a look at the most powerful characters from Agents of Shield.


Lincoln is an inhuman whose allegiance first lied with the bad guys. But then he changed sides and now is one of the good guys. He has electrokinetic abilities – controlling electricity and all related effects. He has abilities ranging from heating a cup to leaving a rabbit-sized hole in another person. Lincoln is one dude you do not wanna mess with.



Gorgon was once an enforcer in a South American nation who then went through Terrigenesis and became an Inhuman. He can literally paralyze people with his sight. Gorgon has taken down the entire Shield core members when they were on a mission to locate another Inhuman Yo-Yo in the same place. One Guy took out an Inhuman and four other highly trained agents in the blink of an eye. That’s saying something.


Deathlok was an average man who just wanted to be a shield agent. Hydra turned him later into their personal Walking Arsenal cum Hitman. As Deathlok, the guy has night vision, missiles launchers, energy blasters, superhuman physical attributes the likes. Marvel’s very own Terminator he single-handedly destroyed an entire enemy base on his own.


Yo-Yo is another Inhuman you do not wanna mess with. She has super speed.. Kinda. She can move at super speed and catch the Bad Guys red-handed. Her only catch is her ability restricts her to return back to the same position she started running from. Basically a human Yo-Yo. She still manages to kick serious ass though.

Hive powered Grant Ward

After Coulson left Grant’s lifeless body on another planet, everyone thought Ward was gone for good. Yet he returned with a new set of abilities. Grant now could reduce his body to microscopic dust particles that he could mentally control to exhibit mind control, organic devouring, life force absorption and a whole range of other abilities.


Hyde is the biological father of Daisy aka Skye. He was once a benevolent man until his wife was wrongfully ‘murdered’. Then he used his medical knowledge to good use to create a serum that grants him superhuman physical strength for a certain amount of time. He has used them to create absolute Havoc for Shield in Season 3.


Aida is a woman who probably is too criminally hot to start out as an android. Aida was an android created by Professor Radcliffe that went rogue and created a digital super world to rule upon. When that plan failed, she transformed herself into an organic being with a whole set of Inhuman abilities. She could teleport, has superhuman strength, accelerated healing, electricity manipulation. She became indestructible.


The Inhuman hunter from Season 4 is a force to be reckoned with. Lash was someone even Hive Ward was afraid of crossing paths with. Lash has superhuman strength and durability, accelerated healing and the ability to manipulate some sort of energy that he can use as a weapon to punch holes in other people.

Ghost Rider

The Rider from the TV Show is not as powerful as the movie version but still manages to KO a lot of the people to make it to the list. Robbie Reyes is the spirit of Vengeance. He is immortal and can control hellfire and is immune to all forms of pain, agony, and magic as long as the Spirit of Vengeance is bonded to him. He is a lean mean fighting machine.



Wonder why Ghost Rider did not make it to the top? It is because Quake has finally outclassed him in terms of sheer abilities. She is the most powerful of the lot not just because she can use her shockwaves to fly, destroy objects from afar and create artificial earthquakes. Quake has reached a terrifying new level of potential. In Season 5, Quake single-handedly destroyed the entire planet Earth with her powers. Quake, the Destroyer of Worlds – Ring any bells??

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