Top 10 Misleading Superhero Scenes In Trailers That Were Not In The Films

There are a lot of scenes which people see in the trailers of our beloved superhero flicks, but they don’t make it to the final cut of the film. A lot of these scenes are placed in trailers just to fool the fans and do nothing more. Trailers can be highly misleading and deceiving as they create a false impression and evoke different reactions from the fanbase.

The best example of this is the hype and build-up of Mandarin in Iron Man 3 trailers but as it turned out he was not even the villain of the movie. Here we list ten of those scenes that we got to see in the trailers but could not find anywhere in the film.

Spidey Webs Up The Chopper

This scene was there in Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man trailer. The scene did not make it to the final cut of the film as the scene showed Spider-Man catching some robbers who tried to escape in a helicopter, and the Twin Towers could be seen in Spidey’s eyes.

This scene was taken out of the film, because just sometime before it, the 9/11 attacks had taken place, and it would be a very difficult sight for many people. It is one of those instances where Spiderman fans appreciated the makers for having edited out that particular scene as it triggered so many people who lost their loved ones in those deadly attacks on US soil.

The Joker In Suicide Squad

Well, this one here not just baffled the fans but Jared Leto was shocked as a major portion of the trailers focused on the Joker, making him seem as one of the most important characters of the film. He was supposed to be at the center-stage until the editors chopped off a good deal of his scenes in the film.

Jared Leto has not officially confirmed that he will be returning to Suicide Squad sequel. In fact, there were rumors that the studio may have to look for another actor. One of the reasons why Suicide Squad fared poorly at the box-office was the absence of Joker in the main narrative of the film. He was at best a sideshow which is terrible given Joker’s massive fan following.

Iron Man In Spider-Man Homecoming

We all were made to believe in the trailers that Iron Man Man would be playing a key role in the fight with the Vulture, he actually was nothing but a tech version of Uncle Ben.

Instead of mentoring Peter Parker and helping him come to terms with his new-found powers, he left him to fend for himself and take down Vulture on his own. He was supposed to be a facilitator to Peter Parker as he reached out to him during Civil War, but he was more a pesky Billionaire who thought his job was merely to give him a suit.

Declaration Of A War? Really?

What it means is that when the Avengers was going to come out, it would have been the first ever film to bring in a whole team of superheroes and the scope will be global.

In the trailer, Nick Fury said something about a war in which Loki is leading the Chittauri to wage a war on “Planet Earth”, which in the film actually came out to be one big battle that took place in New York. The idea of Loki was actually to first win the “Battle of New York” by destroying ‘The Avengers’ and then invade the rest of the world. Alas, it didn’t happen.

The Amazing Spider-Man

This film had a very different story to unfold. Taking in the “untold story” into consideration about Pete’s parents, Connors, in the trailer says, “You want to know the truth about your parents? Come and get it!” but this scene is nowhere in the film.

Andrew Garfield is one of the most talented young actors working in Hollywood. Him donning the Spiderman mantle after Sam Raimi’s trilogy was actually welcome by the fans, but somewhere studio is responsible for failing to tap his full potential. The Amazing Spiderman series could not complete the trilogy as box-office returns were not up to the mark, it was shelved after two movies.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Even though Avengers: Age Of Ultron actually had all the scenes that the trailer showed it would have, but still those scenes in the film were in a very different sense than the trailers showed them to be.

The trailer had Ultron speaking his monologue in intimidating tone but parts of it were not there in the final cut. In another scene where Thor and Iron Man were fighting was blown out of proportion in the trailer, the fight which was actually just a small tiff in the film, and the best part about the lying was Captain America’s broken shield, which was nothing but a part of Tony Stark’s hallucination.

Loki Knowing The Dark Elves

This scene here is from Thor: The Dark World, wherein Thor is seen discussing the Dark Elves with Heimdall. And then they talk about only one person knowing about their mysterious enemy. Who is that person? They actually don’t name him but we hear Loki’s laugh that suggests it is actually him who knows.

Tom Hiddleston played the God of mischief aka Loki masterfully in Thor: The Dark World. It is one of his most under-rated performances which is actually amazing. You would be able to appreciate more in the second viewing.

Thor’s Eye in Ragnarok

This one is from Ragnarok, wherein Thor is shown to have both his eyes while fighting Hella, which we are thankful as the trailers didn’t ruin it for us.

Also, Loki was shown to be very active in the trailer during the final battle, but actually he was not. He came to Asgard from Planet Sakaar and fought against the foot soldiers of Hela briefly and then he was sent to resurrect Surtur (a giant monster) through eternal flames so that Goddess of Death could be defeated.

Iron Man Kiss

Will Pepper and Tony have a romantic relationship? There was a lot of skepticism about this, regarding which there was a scene shown in the trailer where Pepper and Tony kiss, but in the film, the scene doesn’t exist at all.

The relationship between Tony and Pepper has always fascinated the comic-book audience in general and Iron Man fans in particular. She has been there for him through thick and thin. She was always more than a secretary and now she is a lover. Both of them are expected to be married in Avengers 4 and Pepper might be seen wearing Iron Man suit.

 Justice League


Justice League probably is the film that tops the list of films having misleading trailers. The film in its initial trailer showed Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne talking about Aquaman saying “No” about joining the team.

Moreover, it showed Victor’s pre Cyborg life, as well as the Flash bursting out of the window along with Alfred talking to a mystery man, were some scenes shown in the trailer that didn’t make it to the final cut of the film. It is unfortunate that WB decided to edit backstories of our beloved DC superheroes in their obsession to make a 2-hour movie. The original Snyder version was pretty exhaustive and closer to comics.

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