Here’s How The Last Jedi is Like “Batman vs Superman” in the Star Wars Universe

Will Star Wars: The Last Jedi meet a fate similar to Batman vs. Superman? To compare a half a decade-long franchise to another with an age the only tenth of it is going to raise a lot of eyebrows and questions. One might say The Last Jedi is nowhere near as critically faltering as Batman vs. Superman was during its opening run. But the former did end up becoming a subject of frequent debates among the fans and the critics. And now so is the latter. Quirkybyte will help you explain the audience-critic divide that is tearing both the DCEU and Lucas Films apart.

 But if one really investigates similarities between DC comics and Star Wars, the obvious connection between The Last Jedi is with The Dark Knight. Both were definitive movies, both tried to show the audience a tone and story from a different light and tone and both tried to make the viewers believe that they were trying to project something bigger than they could imagine. But there is one serious contender to The Dark Knight when it comes to comparing it with The Last Jedi. Another movie involving the caped crusader could be the movie that The Last Jedi ended up having too much resemblance to.

 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ended up being the hottest topic of discussion during the time of its release. The entire world lambasted it while a few die-hard comic book fans actually envied and enjoyed Snyder’s vision. Many have blamed Warner Bros. for plunging the DC Extended Universe into a state of anarchy. Dawn of Justice was a fruit of that chaos. Although Snyder made the movie an artistic masterpiece, many were too uncomfortable with his super-realistic symbolism and too many fucked up similarities to real life.

Batman vs. Superman became a cult classic but the DCEU became a bull’s eye for the critics. The realism was too subtle and so ‘real’ that it ended up making the viewer uncomfortable. And so the critics rained down all hell on it.

 Now coming to The Last Jedi, the movie faces quite the similar hindrances that BvS did. Its vision was too grand for smaller minded movie buffs to grasp. Think about it- Superman is tried to be humanized into a benevolent godlike figure caught in the wrong spotlight.

Luke Skywalker is seen as a legendary force user but in actuality, he is a failure who despises his powers. Kylo Ren is deconstructed into a figure that houses massive conflict within him. He is a guy whose body houses both the light and the dark vying for control.

The dark almost succeeds until his connection with Rey helps him momentarily turn into a good guy (of sorts). Batman is a character in Dawn of Justice that is also conflicted. He, like Kylo Ren, has lost his way and gets too caught up on the Dark Side until a specific event helps him snap out of it. The similarities are too extreme to ignore.

 Luke Skywalker ends up dying at the end. When his body could no longer handle the strain of his own massive amounts of power and after fighting Kylo Ren (his own creation), it gave up and Luke became one with the very thing that made him a Jedi – The Force. Superman at the end of BvS, ends up dead as well. When a monstrosity of his own world wreaks havoc on the very people he loves, he chooses death over watching them die. Superman ends up joining the very thing that made him Superman – Earth itself.Batman

Of course, there are other glaring similarities like both the movies being two and a half hours long. Their plot and pacing take a granular approach to subplots and episodic form of storytelling. Both movies have a pivotal scene in the second half that ends up completely changing the plot of the movie.

One Particular point of consideration is how both movies take the planned approach to lay down the storyline. Granted, Man of Steel was an origin story and not a planned addition to setting up BvS, its events still ended up influencing that of Dawn of Justice in a big, big way. The stories of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were already intertwined but the way in which each and every event of the former had a specific, definite impact on the latter speaks volumes.

So what do you think about the similarities between The Last Jedi and Batman vs. Superman? Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already playing in a theater near you…

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