Will Kid Flash Cross Paths Deathstroke’s Daughter

The Kid Flash, Wally West who was a series regular in the third season of The Flash has taken a short break from the fourth season of the CW show. A few episodes ago, Wally told his friends and family that he needed a break and he is moving to Blue Valley. If you are an ardent DC comic book reader, then the name Blue Valley will bring tons of memories back to you because it is the actual hometown of the comic version of Wally West. It was pretty evident that show creators will be concentrating more on Barry and Iris this season, which means that they were planning to slide Wally to the background for a while. It seemed that the show creators had no clear idea on how to use the Kid Flash character in the show, as Wally who was one of the most prominent speedsters in the history of DC Comics was sidelined.

However, things have changed now and the subtle hints, name drops, and teases indicate that the creators are planning to develop a new character arc for Kid Flash. The sad part is that this might not happen on The Flash instead it might happen on the newly announced DC show Teen Titans.

During the crossover episodes of last week, Wally did come to Central City for the wedding of Iris and Barry Allen but due to the invasion of Nazis from Earth-X, the wedding was called off. We all expected that Wally would stick around for the fight but Barry asked Wally to keep his family safe and that was the last we saw of Wally.

Fans speculated that the Kid Flash had gone back to Blue Valley but in the last episode of the Flash, the show creators confirmed that Wally is not in Blue Valley instead he is in Cambodia.

Harry asks about the whereabouts of Wally to Joe in the mid-season finale of The Flash. Joe West replied that his son couldn’t make it to the Christmas celebrations,  since Wally is currently “Cambodia.”

Fans and viewers of The Flash will be probably wondering whether Cambodia has any sort of significance to Kid Flash or to the DC universe. The short answer to this question is a subtle yes, as Cambodia is connected to Deathstroke’s daughter, Rose Wilson, Rose, who goes by the name; Ravager was also a member of the Teen Titans. Slade was once tasked with the task of smuggling Lillian, Rose’s mother from a war-torn Cambodia.

We still have no official confirmation that Keiynan Lonsdale will reprise his role of Wally West in the Teen Titans show. Since Wally’s role in The Flash seems to be shrinking; we can expect that the show creators are planning something big for the DC superhero, who was also a member of Teen Titans.

If the show creators of the Flash are continuing to drop references to Wally and other members of Teen Titans, then it may be because they are working for a team up of these superheroes or for something else.

However, we still have to patiently wait for official confirmation to comment further on the topic. So, let’s just move to Rose Wilson and see how she comes into the picture. If you are new to the world of DC comic books and if you have only watched the CW DC superhero shows, you might be wondering who is Rose Wilson and why wasn’t she mentioned in the Arrow.

This is because Slade Wilson/Deathstroke didn’t know that he had a daughter for a very long time. Slade was once asked to escort a woman across a hostile border, who he develops an affair with during the journey.

The woman finally gave birth to Rose after Slade left her. However, years later, Slade goes in search of her and introduce her to his world of violence by brainwashing and manipulating her.

Gradually, Rose realizes the truth about her father and joins the Teen Titans to feet against the evil prevailing in the society. So, this might mean that the Kid Flash and Ravager will soon cross paths with one another. If that’s a yes, then special shout out to the creators of The Flash, as they have set up a way to unite Wally with the Teen Titans.

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