10 Green Arrow Secrets That You Never Knew About

There are a lot of things that you know about Green Arrow, but still, there is a lot that you don’t. Here are some really surprising facts about DC’s Green Arrow, that will make you question how much you really know about the character:

Arrow Has Been Raped by Shado

When Arrow got tired after fighting a villain or when he not in the pink of his health and hallucinating, Shado nurses him back to health and has sex with a feverish Oliver, while he thinks that she is Black Canary, after this, she gets impregnated with Ollie’s child.

Oliver and Shado had a complicated relationship to begin with but soon they began to develop feelings for each other. She taught him archery and self-defense and he took everything in his stride. But then Shado breached a certain boundary that was always there between the two and took advantage of him. He was powerless as he clearly was caught off-guard by her.

Roy Harper has his own comic

Roy Harper, an ex-heroin addict is taken in by Oliver Queen after his adoptive father dies. An equally skilled archer, trained in all kinds of fighting styles and weapons by the Green Arrow himself, this one had to be on this list. The guy even had his own comic run for about 50 years. What is fascinating is that he has never ever died.

In CW’s Arrow, Roy Harper took the fall for Green Arrow, escaped Starling city after faking his death and then he re-appeared for few episodes in season 4 where he was forced to carry out burglaries by the “Calculator” (Felicity’s father). It was a great reunion of the old team of vigilantes until he left again. He was a series regular from season 1 to season 3, he is likely to guest appear for few episodes in the current season too.

Arrow Threw Roy Out Of The Team

While there can always be a debate over who betrayed whom, there is this case when Speedy develops the drug addiction, a reason of that is Oliver is the only family that the boy’s got and Ollie is always on missions leaving the kid alone.

Not just that, after coming to know about the Drug Abuse, Ollie first punches him and kicks him out of his team, and out of his house for some time.

What Justice League?

Just like Batman, Oliver Queen loves working solo. So much so, that when it came to joining the Justice League Arrow was very much reluctant to be a part, as the green hooded hero preferred working alone and needed to be convinced by even Batman to join the team.

It is an open secret that Stephen Amell (who plays Oliver Queen) is a huge Batman fan. He name-dropped Bruce Wayne to shield himself from the allegation that he is the Green Arrow. There have been multiple references to the character of Batman in the different seasons of the show. For instance, Arrow has used Ra’s Ahl Ghul who is Batman foe in comics. One of the most direct references was when Felicity is given a code name Overwatch instead of Oracle as it’s supposedly taken.

Arrow Was Betrayed by Arsenal

This has to be one of the more emotional and mental betrayals, in an anti-drug campaign, Roy could be seen shooting drugs at his lair. Green Arrow finds this out and is devastated, he sure kicks him out of his place and team but later can be seen caring for the guy.

In CW’s Arrow TV series, Roy Harper aka Arsenal was one of the key members of Team Arrow who had an aggressive approach in the field. He won the trust of Oliver and even took the fall for him when all options were exhausted. He is definitely going to make a comeback as Team Arrow now needs him more than ever. They re against a team of supervillains and three members (Wild Dog, Curtis, Dinah) have left the team.

Original Origin Story

Arrow Season 4

The original origin story of Oliver Queen was that he was an archaeologist who had special knowledge about the native Americans. Not just that actually it was Roy Harper who got stranded on an island and not Oliver. Shocked right? Yeah, well so were we.

Well, if the TV series decides to keep the first scene intact and replace Oliver Queen with Roy Harper according to the comics, the title of the show would become Arsenal.

Arrow’s Girlfriend and Eternal Love

This couple came into being in the 60’s just before they joined the Justice League. Though equals, but still opposites in nature. They started off with a hard-hitting romance, finally got married in 2008.They are given a lot of screen-time on the CW’s Arrow.

The Olicity relationship has always been complicated since it began. Felicity worked in Queen Consolidated when Oliver discovered her special IT skills, took her into the team along with Diggle. They both fell for each other and decided to flee Starling city only to come back after few months. They broke up as Oliver did not tell her about William, but now they are married partly because of William.

Best Friend Killer

Arrow sure has killed a lot of villains, there are no doubts about it, but what more the fans should know about the green hooded guy is that he even killed his best friend who is Hal Jordan. In the storyline when Hal Jordan became Parallax and needed to be dealt with, Green Arrow being the conflicted character that he is, murdered his best friend in cold blood.

There have been easter-eggs about Hal Jordan in the CW’s Arrow. The show dropped ‘Coast city’ which is the hometown of Green Lantern and Susan Williams (journalist cum Oliver’s girlfriend) is the sister-in-law of Hell Jordan in the comics. Further, one flashback scene had Oliver meeting Amanda Waller at a bar where we saw a faceless tag of a pilot named Jordan plus Ferris Air was mentioned multiple times for which Hell Jordan worked for in the comics.


Yeah, there are a lot of things that rich billionaire superheroes have in common, one of these things is that Oliver too has his own mobile, the Arrowcar which has great features in itself.

This raises a very pertinent question as to how similar he actually is to Batman, both have no superpowers, have amazing sidekicks and yeah the same villain Ra’s Ahl Ghul. Arrow is greatly inspired from Batman’s life in so many ways.

John Diggle Who?

Green Arrow

John Diggle is a great character who undoubtedly is a very important part of the Arrowverse. But this character isn’t a part of the original comic series, but because of his increasing popularity was called in to be written for the New 52 too where again he has become an impeccable part of the Arrowverse.

David Ramsey must be given applause for his brilliant portrayal of Diggle, the right-hand guy of Arrow. He is ex-military who served in Afghanistan. He believes in the cause of Green Arrow and is the most trusted ally who was with him since the beginning.

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