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20 Interesting Facts About Patil Sisters From Harry Potter, Padma And Parvati

Padma and Parvati Patil were two identical twin sisters from the most popular Harry Potter franchise. The two were the witches of Indian Heritage and were later joined the Dumbledore’s Army. The two were the awesome characters portrayed by the Afshan Azad and Shefali Chowdhury respectively. So here we bring you the things which every Potterhead must know about the Patil sisters:

Video Game Adaptation!

Fraternal Twins!

Padma Was Recast Later!

Early Names!

The Lost Diadem!

Potion Class!

Books vs. Films!

Never Explored!

Miss Pennyfeather!

Parvati Was Recast Later!

Parvati’s Boggart!

Change of Actors!

The Patil Sisters!

Yule Ball!

Favorite Subject!

The Assumption of Surviving The Final Battle!

Perfect For Ravenclaw!

Good Duellist!

Less Serious Parvati!

The Two Best-Looking Girls in The Year!

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