Avengers 4 Will Take Us Back To This Incredibly Famous Scene From Civil War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has left the box office running for cover. It has made the theaters a slaughterhouse and left our pockets in shambles. The era of superheroes is here ladies and gentlemen. Infinity War has been in the making for a decade and it’s totally worth the wait. The movie is an ultimate comic book thriller that has an epic showdown between Thanos and Avengers assemble. The ending of the movie blew our minds as it left us scarred like never before.

It is going really strong at the Box office as it’s officially now the highest grossing superhero movie ever with $1.9 Billion earnings worldwide. It also became the fastest title to reach Billion dollars mark in just 8 days. It would be a shame if the jury at the Oscars does not recognize this phenomenon in their hubris and not nominate Avengers: Infinity War for few awards. But anyways who cares about the elitist Hollywood types…let’s come back to the fun stuff. 

Gone are the days when musicals from Frank Sinatra, Gangster Movies starring Al Pacino and Wild Westerns of Clint Eastwood enamored Hollywood with magic. It is the Superheroes that are the new bread and butter of the movie industry. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at the forefront of this new cultural phenomenon. The rival camp DCEU is also playing catch up but its gonna take forever to play in the same league as MCU.

Avengers opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the then dying theaters of the Old. Hollywood, which saw a record-breaking decline in earnings and collection in the early 2000’s got a shot in the arm after the MCU released Iron Man in 2008. The Marvel Cinematic Universe arrived at our doorsteps and the rest is history.

Warner Bros. followed suit with their own version of a superhero universe. Fox and Sony also trying to replicate Marvel’s success with more or less successive reboots and new beginnings. Although none could match the heights of success Marvel has piled up, the fact that they tried speaks volumes.

Marvel ended up buying the Superhero universes of both Fox and Sony. Warner Bros. The DCEU and Disney Film MCU are the only two behemoths that are still vying for the throne of the one True King of Hollywood. But at this point, Disney is clearly the beast that is spreading its tentacles like crazy.

But the phenomenon does not end here. Marvel is still going strong and is bringing its A game. The Avengers’ third installment witnessed Earth’s mightiest heroes go up against the cosmic megalomaniac that is Thanos and his powerful Black Order forces.

Till now, the Mad Titan has only been teased in the post-credits of movies in Phase 1, 2 and 3 of MCU. But for the first time, we saw actor Josh Brolin transformed into Thanos wearing an Infinity gauntlet and launched an all-out assault on Planet Earth.

The Mad Titan opened up a portal to come to Earth in search of his quest to find the Infinity Stones and complete the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos wanted to bring balance to the universe. He believed that over population is responsible for poverty and it must be checked in the wake of finite resources. And the only way it’s possible is if half the life from the universe is exterminated. The Avengers: Infinity War had the Avengers standing as the last line of Defense between Thanos and total annihilation.

Before he came to Earth, he already had five Infinity gems – Space stone (Tesseract) which Loki stole it from Asgard and forced to give to Thanos. The Mad Titan killed Heimdall and Loki in front of Thor. Power stone (Orb) had been retrieved by Mad Titan from Nova Corps after destroying them. So two stones down, four to go.

Further, the Reality stone aka Aether was with the Collector after he was given the possession of it by Asgardians at the end of Thor: The Dark World. But Thanos ambushed Collector’s base, set it on fire and retrieved the Infinity stone. He captured Gamora and took her to a place where her sister Nebula is being kept and tortured. Thanos made her reveal the location of Soul stone and they went to Vormir. They found Red Skull at the gates who told Thanos that he could have the Infinity stone only if he sacrifices the soul of someone he loved, so he sacrificed adored daughter Gamora for the stone. The “Time stone” was with Strange who gave it up in exchange of Tony’s life. And finally Thanos landed in Wakanda for the Mid stone.

The Infinity War failed to provide answers to all the mysteries and paved the way for Avengers 4. How will the remaining heroes cope with grief after Thanos snapped his fingers in Avengers: Infinity War? What does Avengers 4 hold in store for movie buffs?  Quirkybyte has an answer.

Black Widow is the first female Avenger of the MCU. She is well known throughout the movie industry as a badass assassin and a superhot femme fatale. Each installment of the Marvel Franchise she stars in has her sporting a new, sexier look and with a rejuvenated oomph factor that makes us go Whoa!!

But new set photos from Avengers 4 show that the Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff will be sporting a look much similar to the one she had back in the days of Captain America: Civil War.

Stunt Performer Heidi Moneymaker is the woman who does all of Scarlett Johansson’s stunts in all Marvel movies. She recently uploaded pictures of her and Scarlett from the sets of Avengers 4 where production has almost been wrapped up as a token of gratitude to her former collaborators.

The photo shows Scarlett Johansson wearing the same beige colored Jacket with a familiar looking hairstyle. To help you jog your memory, Scarlett’s look looks quite similar to the Lagos chase scene in Captain America: Civil War where she and the rest of the Avengers stopped Crossbones from stealing a deadly bioweapon at the start of the movie.

This is the scene we are talking about:

That leaves us with a lot more questions than answers. Avengers 4 is toying with a non-linear storyline. Rumors say Flashbacks or Time travel will play a crucial role in the movie. Several past sets have been recreated for Avengers 4 and BTS photos and videos show that past scenes from previous movies will be featured in the movie.

Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, has been asked a lot about Avengers 4 title but he refused to divulge as he thinks it might give away a critical plot point which should be released after Avengers Infinity War. But he has said that Avengers 4 will be the culmination of everything that has happened till now in the MCU. It will mark a distinct chapter in the continuing journey of the characters.

He famously said:

“I think you look at the comics as a guide, although some titles get rebooted or re-launched, the narrative exist on a never-ending continuum”.


What is going on?? Is the Avengers 4 movie going to visit the past storylines of each movie that has been released yet? We won’t know until the movie actually releases. Kevin Feige refused to say anything about MCU beyond Avengers 4 and assured fans that it will be a fitting end to MCU phase 3. Here’s what he said:

“Well, all I’ll say is the films we are working on now — which take us through to the Avengers Untitled in May of ’19 — that’s really all we are focusing on. And we are focusing on bringing, by that point, an unprecedented, 22-movie, continuous shared fictional narrative to a conclusion in a satisfying way.”

Avengers 4 has a release date slated for summer 2019 but before that, we have Avengers: Infinity War, an upcoming Marvel superhero ensemble movie to be released next year on May 4th. Brace yourself to witness the biggest comic-book event on the big screen. Until then, Fingers Crossed Folks!!!

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