10 Superheroes Who Are Powerful But Don’t Have Fan Following

In comics, there are many characters who are considered favorite among comic-book fans, eg: Superman, Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Wolverine etc. These famous comic-book characters tend to dominate our conversation and attention. Because of this many great and powerful characters don’t get enough attention from writers as well as readers. So here is a list of 10 such superheroes.

Moon Knight

Often considered as Marvel’s rip-off of Batman, Moon Knight is a seriously under-rated character. He is a former marine named ‘Marc Spector’ who was killed working as a mercenary in Egypt. Later resurrected by the Egyptian Moon God under the condition that Marc shall work as his ‘Knight of vengeance’. He was also granted superhuman strength, durability, agility, reflexes and more. To sum up, he is definitely not a cheap copy of the dark knight.


There have been several version of a firestorm. However, whichever version you pick up, all of them have been overlooked. Having enough power in the matrix to recreate a big bang, the firestorm is a character that should be taken seriously.

His powers include flight, energy absorption/projection, molecular reconstruction, superhuman strength/durability and more.

Dr. Fate

He is basically DC’s Dr. Strange but just a bit more powerful. The character has been around for a long time and is well known among fans but still, he hasn’t got enough importance over the course of time. The character is made up of 2 personalities, The Human host and the ancient Egyptian Lord of Order ‘Nabu’.

He inhibits the host via the mystical helmet. Along with the amulet and cape, the host gets a wide variety of magical powers among other feats.

Blue Beetle

It is shocking to even think about why this character doesn’t get much attention. Seriously! The guy can go nuclear at any given situation and level an entire city with ease. The alien ‘Scarab’ grants its host with a wide variety of weaponry and power sets. The current and perhaps the best host is ‘Jaime Reyes’, A teenager who is currently affiliated with the Teen Titans. The ‘scarab’ also protects its host by manifesting a suit upon the body. The host can create a wide variety of weapons by imagining it.


It is buggersome to even think about how a character who is literally the physical embodiment of ‘Vengeance of the God’ can be under-rated. Spectre is a formal angel who chooses to use a human host to execute his job much like Nabu.

Being the founder member of the ‘Justice Society of America’ spectre is well known and with seamless godlike powers, he still doesn’t get the love he deserves.

Wonder Man

Yeah! He is not the brother of Wonder woman or a cheap clone of her. Wonder Man is a character published by Marvel. His real name is ‘Simon Williams’ and is the son of a wealthy industrialist who was turned into being of pure energy by ‘Baron Zemo’(not that cheap take of character by MCU) to be used against the Avengers but he decided to help the good. His powers include energy manipulation, super strength/speed healing size manipulation and more.



We don’t need to elaborate much on this character because as the founding member of the ‘Justice League’ He is quite famous but he is still underappreciated. You might make fun of the character for being able to communicate with sea creatures but think about it, he has full control nearly 1/4th of the entire earth surface.

He is as strong as Superman and Wonder Woman. Hell! The guy stabbed Darkseid in his eye using his Trident.


Perhaps one of the most interesting characters in all of the comics. ‘Victor Stone’, son of ‘Silas Stone’ used to be an athlete in high school. He was caught in an explosion ar S.T.A.R Labs when a father box detonated. His father cured him of experimental technology which also gave him cybernetic powers.

Cyborg is currently working with the Titans but he was one of the founding members of the ‘Justice League’ in the 2011 DC’s New 52 reboot. His powers include Superhuman Strength/speed access to Boom Tubes, Technomorphing among others.


You would think that being a character who can make Superman run for his money would be utilized more but that’s not the case here. Billy Batson a kid who transforms into a magical being when he spells the word ‘SHAZAM’.


Being involved in many major events in DC, he still hasn’t gotten a solo run of his own, which is shocking because whenever he appears as a protagonist in a story he just kills it.

Martian Manhunter

And the final pick would be the last survivor of Mars, J’onn J’onzz. In terms of physical strength Superman himself said MMh is the most powerful being on the face of the earth, yes you read it right, that’s Superman who said that! In recent years his popularity has grown and he has even appeared in the Supergirl T.V series.

He still needs his own solo run in the comics. His powers are basically similar to Superman with an addition to telekinesis, shapeshifting, & phasing.

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