This Joker Vs. Pennywise Fan Film Will Blow Your Mind Away

The nightmare penned by Stephen King meets Bob Kane’s craziest creation in this fan-made short film. And boy is it eerily gorgeous. The Mighty Raccoon studios have done the impossible. They have brought together the two most famous and bloodiest clowns to ever grace the silver screen into one frame. They have given the fans something they have wanted all along but never could have imagined it materializing into something real. The short video depicts the Joker and Pennywise together in an unofficial fight of the century.

Mighty Raccoon’s YouTube channel is responsible for this masterpiece. It depicts Batman’s arch-nemesis the Joker and the Demon of Derry fight it out in a battle of who’s more insane than the other. The bloody fight scene is too gory for the underaged so we advise you to take caution before watching it.

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The studio used 3D CGI models to give life to the images. The Battle of the Clowns piece shows the Joker and Pennywise as they have been seen and perceived before already so there are no surprises to see here as far as the character depiction is concerned. The Joker we see here looks similar to the version gamers have already played with in the Arkham Asylum video games.

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Our favorite dancing clown Pennywise is depicted close to the one Bill Skarsgard portrays in the latest 2017 Andy Muschietti reboot. With his trademark red balloon and signature laugh, the clown is ready to sink its jagged teeth into the scared old Jack Napier otherwise known as the Joker in DC Comics.

The Joker is seen at the start of the movie-going though his cray little motions while repeatedly reciting the phrase –

“He thrusts his fists against the post and still insists he sees the ghost”.

Clearly, it shows a connection between the two clowns from the very beginning. And just as the noises fall back to eerie silence, a door open and we see a red balloon in the background. Enter Pennywise. Crazy Mental Mind Fuck begins.

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The nightmare scenarios Pennywise induces into the Joker are so stunning and precise it makes us wonder whether they had some help from Bob Kane himself. The Joker’s singular most objective are making the people acknowledge his existence via his enmity with the Batman. Now the nightmare makes it look like no one even cared about him in the first place. Not even the Bat cares much. Then the scene switches over to Harley Quinn listening in onto the Radio broadcasting how pathetic the Joker is.  Ticking off all the right marks, Pennywise succeeds in making the Joker more angry than scared. The final nightmare scene is Jason Todd returning with a crowbar to beat the hi out of him. Just like he did the same to him years ago. And yet the Joker laughs.

No one can truly understand the twisted psyche of the clown prince of crime. Not even a psychic shape-shifting creature from another dimension. When Pennywise the Joker is ripe with fear, the Joker has the last laugh. He electrocutes Pennywise with a buzzer and makes his move on the dancing clown. A glorious Joker vs. Joker fight ensues. His gun in hand, the Joker starts to go on shooting spree. The crowbar ends up in the Joker’s hand and he ends up pushing pennywise into a corner.

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The clown from Derry is not someone to be trifled and he just keeps coming. The joker ends up losing a hand but finally is able to subdue the other monster. Pennywise makes a last-ditch effort by disguising himself as Harley Quinn, trying to entice joker into lowering his guard but I unsuccessful. He is called the Clown Prince of Crime and Batman’s enemy number one for nothing. His mindset is too demented and malformed for even Superman to break, let alone some extra-dimensional psychic hallucination.


What makes this video a must watch is the ravishing visual aesthetics and the bloody fight scenes between the two.  The video makers have depicted both characters to near perfection. Pennywise is worthy enough but the real winner is the Joker’s reactions to Pennywise’s manipulations. As  a mental psychopath, he is unpredictable and volatile.

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The fight ends in somewhat of a stalemate. But do watch how these monsters let out their inner

demons in full swing and try and trump each other in this bloody Winner-Takes-All battle.

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