Here’s The First Teaser Of Deadpool 2 And It Is Insane!

Deadpool was one of the best superhero movies of 2016 and was the most successful R-Rated movie ever made. It was important for Deadpool to break the fourth wall and we all are glad that he did that right from the beginning of the movie. There is going to be even more of this and more action in the sequel as it is one of the most anticipated Comic Book movies coming out next year, and after the huge success of the first movie, the expectations from the second one are so damn high!


The entire team of the original movie Deadpool is coming back, Blind-Al, Vanessa, Weasel, the cab-driver- Dopinder, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, all will be reprising their roles. Along with these old characters, Cable is in the mix and Domino are also in the mix.

The movie had wrapped up shooting about a month ago and people have been expecting a trailer for the movie ever since. Well, we haven’t got a full-fledged trailer till now, but the first Teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 is out and it is so freakin’ awesome. Here is the description of this teaser.

The footage begins with some fun marketing as Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is all dressed up pretty funky fashion, narrating, and beginning to paint using his brush and his canvas.

After Deadpool is done whacking his two-inch brush here and there, we finally get a quick 15-second footage from the upcoming movie which is pretty hard to break down but it still gives a hint towards the direction in which the movie is going. Here is the teaser titled – “Wet on Wet”.

The footage begins with someone pulling out a gun from a leg hoister which makes us believe that it is Deadpool but as we can see in the teaser that it clearly wasn’t Deadpool. It may be the villain of the movie. the next shot we see Deadpool taking a Shot at someone and the scene is cut to a giant explosion in some sort of factory which might be a part of some huge action sequence.

After that, we get a few clips that reveal the returning characters, as we Vanessa and Wade about to get into some “Business”, Deadpool and his cabbie Dopinder taking a cool walk out of the cab, and Negasonic giving the ultimate Middle Finger to (I Guess) Deadpool. Negasonic Teenage Warhead has different hair this time around along with her brand new X-Men costume.

The next scene we see someone drop from the sky onto a car, which is most likely Wade, and then we see a quick clip of wade running and ramming a car, pushing out the one who was in it. We then get a quick shot of a new mutant who is able to sort of summon fire or light things on fire, along with a brief glimpse at the one and only Domino kicking through a door.

Then we see a giant convoy truck that was seen previously on the sets, which might be some sort of mutant transportation vehicle.

Next we get to see a few different things, like the two room-mates Wade and Blind-Al sharing a cool moment pointing a gun at someone, Wade’s best friend Weasel and Dopinder share a scene, then Deadpool getting up out of a grave at a funeral, which might be an attack on some mob leader or something that Wade found pretty funny to do, and it ends with Deadpool tossing a chainsaw probably making another funny joke and the dish in the owen is finally ready, bringing us back to the painter Deadpool where we see a thanksgiving happy Deadpool family poster.

And, just when we thought that it would have been awesome if we got a glimpse at Cable as well, we get a post-credit scene in the Teaser showing us Cable’s Metal arm reaching out for a weapon. This little teaser was so amazing and the hype level of the fans is going to go very high for this movie. Tell us how you felt about the “Wet on Wet” teaser in the comments.

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