Crisis On Earth X: Fan Favorite Character Returns To The Arrowverse

Spoilers Galore: The following section has spoilers for “Crisis on Earth X- Part-4”. Look away if you don’t wanna have your omelets wrecked….

The CW’s new 4-part Arrowverse crossover called “Crisis on Earth X” is leaving no stones unturned. They have conjured up enough juice for a fast-paced, action-packed storyline. The crossover is pitting the beloved superheroes of the Arrowverse against an army of evil savages from another dimension hell bent on killing the good guys and conquering the mainstream arrowverse Earth for themselves.

The story goes something like this – According to the multiverse concept, our Earth is not alone in the Arrowverse. Not even the universe is a one and only. There are 52 other earths each with an alternate history. The one called Earth-X is a particularly sorry case. Earth X is a planet where the Nazis never lost World War 2. As a result, Hitler lived to see his Third Reich take over the entire world and thus began an era of oppression and anarchy under Nazi leadership. Now the villains eye the Arrowverse Earth – a whole new world for them to conquer. And this Earth’s only line of defense is our heroes of the Arrowverse.

But what will a ragtag group of spandex themed costume party do against an entire world of evil skinheads. How does such a small band of people defeat an army? The answer might be too complicated but the arrowverse just made it simpler. A major fan favorite character is going to return back to help their sorry asses and get the job done.

Captain Cold a.k.a Leonard Snart of Earth 1 is a former Legend and superhero who helped save the world. Looks like he will be doing it again. Citizen Cold is the doppelganger of Snart of Earth X. And after moping the floors off Earth X baddies and help save the world (again), he has decided to stay back and show us some more of his icy charms.

After the Earth is saved, Cisco Ramone offers to vibe The Ray and Citizen Cold back to their home Earth X. “I think I’m going to stick around here for a little while,” Citizen Cold says to Ray as Cisco “Vibe” Ramon prepares to open a breach and send them back. “I won’t stay here forever. I will come home to you. Promise.”

The Ray is originally from Earth 1 but Leonard ‘Leo’ Snart is a native of Earth X.

Snart of Earth 1 was a badass, the ends justify the means kinda guy. He never hesitated from sepping over the line and playing dirty if need be to get his work done. A thief by profession, Snart became a legend soon after and had a change of heart in his ensuing superhero experience. He later gave up his life to save his team and became a literal legend among the legends.

His Earth X counterpart never did require time travelling to become a goody two shoes. He already is one. In stark contrast to our own Leonard, his Earth X doppelganger is sensitive, caring of others, abides by rules and has admittedly never heard Earth 1 Snart’s famous phrase “Make a plan, Follow the plan, Expect the plan to go wrong, Throw away the plan.” Jeez a version of Snart who isn’t after robbing me… or the bank. Man would I love to see that!!!!!

Wentworth Miller played the acclaimed role of Leonard Snart in the Arrowverse’s 4 part crossover and made appearances on all 4 shows of The CW – The Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

Miller is about to say goodbye to his role as the sarcastic, cold loving burglar with an attitude. His icy demeanor (no pun intended) was what made fans fall in love with the Character from the very beginning. If you had your hopes up high, I got bad news fellas. Snart is just here for a couple of episodes before he gives up the cold gun and fur coat for good. The following episodes will be Snart’s last appearances in the Arrowverse shows.


Like the great Leonard Snart of Earth 1 once said – There are no strings on me…..

The CW’s Crisis on Earth X crossover began on November 27 with Supergirl and The Arrow and ended on November 28 with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

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