Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Dropped Major Hint About Citizen Cold – Ray Relationship

CW Crisis on Earth-X marked the live-action debut of another fan favorite DC character, who goes by the name, The Ray. When the heroes of Earth-1 were placed in a camp on Earth-X, the heroes met Ray, who was wearing a striped uniform with a pink colored symbol on the chest. One half of the Firestorm, Jax turned towards Ray and asked why he was there. Ray smirked and said, “I loved the wrong Person.”

All of a sudden, the Earth-X version of Detective Lance and a bunch of Nazi soldiers walked towards the party for the roundup time. Detective Lance pulled off quite a performance in the brief scene and he showed that he is one of the best actors in the Arrowverse. Lance ordered soldiers to bring Ray and other heroes outside the gate to be killed.

Green Arrow, being Green Arrow tried to pull off a cliché style escape but things didn’t end well for the team, as the meta-human dampened collars emitted shock waves and stopped them before they could even make a run.

Consequently, they unwillingly lined up right in front of a ditch to be killed in another earth far away from their loved ones.

For a moment, it seemed that the certain death threat that was hanging over Green Arrow, The Flash, The Ray and others couldn’t not be stopped, and that’s where Citizen Cold (WentWorth Miller) appear out of nowhere and opens a blast from his cold gun with his signature parka and glasses. He calmly says, “I hate fire”.

However, Ray doesn’t seem calm as he shouts “About Time”. Citizen Cold pushes the soldiers back and allows the heroes to escape to a ditch. Instead of thanking him, Ray complains,

“You were cutting it close.” Snart turns to him, keeps his cool, and responds, I thought it was great timing! I really enjoyed the party.”

Cold removes the metahuman dampened collars from Ray, who then swiftly moves to the sky and uses his light powers to threw off the Nazis. The duo seamlessly rescues the heroes from the Earth-X version of Detective Lance and Nazi soldiers and takes them to their camp.

From the camp, we learn that Ray he is from Earth-1 and he knows how to get back. However, the leader of the group, the Earth-X doppelganger of Winn from Supergirl wants to blow the temporal gateway, which appears to be the only way through which our heroes can go home.

crossover cw

Ray and Cold have a brief conversation on whether they should help the heroes or not. Snart who asks others to call him Leo, insists Ray that they should help them. Leo somehow convinces the Ray and the couple shares a brief yet passionate kiss on the screen indicating that they are nothing but lovers who are willing to die for one another. We can find more about Ray and his adventures on the CW animated series, Freedom Fighters. Freedom Fighters will also be a part of Arrowverse. So, we might be able to see brief cameos from the Green Arrow, Flash, Citizen Cold, and more.

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