10 Movies That Are Actually Shameless Rip-off Versions of Famous Movies

While movies come and go, some are so good that they make a special place in our heart and some are so bad we wish every day to un-see it. Picasso once said – Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal. We don’t know if the original intention of the movies we are talking about were just to make a buck or two at the Box Office, but the way they stole their ideas from famous blockbuster movies was certainly uncalled for. Presenting 10 famous movies that are actually rip-offs of famous Hollywood movies….

The Fast and Furious ripped off Point Break

An undercover cop infiltrates a criminal organization and ends up becoming a part of the family. At the end, the cop lets the guys he was supposed to arrest go. Sound familiar? The only difference between the two movies is that one is about supercars while the other is about extreme sports.

Friday the 13th ripped off Halloween

Both Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees have a tragic past. Their past trauma turns them into unkillable serial killers and forces of nature. While Halloween is still regarded as the first mainstream slasher-movie, Friday the 13th was also successful within that genre but with an eerily similar story to the former.

The Justice League ripped off the Avengers


Listen to us first!!! The Zack Snyder version of Justice League was not the one you saw in the theaters. It was Joss Whedon’s version that you loathed and spit at. While the typical Marvel baby formula with too much humor and jokes is not Zack’s style, it is Whedon’s. Starting from the cringe worthy music to the cheap jokes, everything screamed typical Marvel.

The Secret Life of Pets ripped off Toy Story

Both the movies are animated masterpieces. Toy Story revolutionized the animated landscape of Hollywood. The Secret Life of Pets carried the torch forward and is already being readied for a sequel. But the story of both is quite similar. Replace Toys with our four legged pals and you get another blockbuster.

Lockout ripped off Escape from New York

John Carpenter’s Escape from New York is still regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest milestone. Starring Kurt Russell, Escape from New York is testament to the fact that if you have a good enough premise and make up artists, you can do wonders. Luc Besson’s Lockout, starring Guy Pierce, was a cheap knock off of Carpenter’s movie. Carpenter even successfully sued Besson for 2.4 Million USD in damages for trying to rip him off.

Piranha ripped off Jaws

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws made us cower in fear when saw the ocean. Sharks never looked so frightening until Jaws came into the theaters. While that movie is still celebrated in Hollywood, Director Joe Dante’s Piranha was a cheap rip-off of Jaws. It was a only a good B-Grade horror Movie. Don’t even start with us about 2010’s Piranha 3D.

Life ripped off Alien

It was a good marketing trick to spread rumors that Life was actually a prequel to Venom. When the movie came out in 2017, all rumors were laid to rest. It was yet another hostile alien in space movie. The similarities between Life and Alien are jarring. When Aliens was released, it was a unique concept then. In 2017, it is absolutely not.

Sudden Death ripped off Diehard

The les we talk about Diehard, the better. That movie is the mother lode of the action genre. But the 1995 Sudden Death, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, could only be so much. The latter was a complete copy of Diehard, minus Hans Gruber and less cheesy one-liners.

White House Down ripped off Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen came in March. White House Down came in July. Hollywood received two movies with a similar plot line which involved saving the President from terrorists. It’s the former that is the more successful version.  It looks like a clever agent got away with selling the same idea to two rival production houses.

Universal Soldier ripped off Terminator


We hate to break it to the JCVD fans – Jean Claude Van Damme has starred in a lot of rip-offs. James Cameron’s Terminator launched Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career as Hollywood’s premium action star. Universal Soldier was also a successful movie and a cult classic later on. The action sci-fi flicks are eerily similar though. Safe to say, while the Terminator franchise is, unfortunately, biting the dust, the Universal Soldier franchise used the same storyline and has had a successful run.

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