10 Marvel Supervillains Who Would Completely Destroy The Justice League

Marvel villains may not have that much character depth as the DC villains do, but still, they are really powerful. Here are some villains that would defeat the Justice League:

Emperor Doom

Doctor Doom is someone who is more of a magician than even a scientist. The guy gets all that he wants. Not just that he’s someone who is really intelligent and his intellect would easily surpass Lex’s intellect, who has almost taken down the Man of Steel. Using science and his mystic knowledge, he’d be able to defeat the Man Of Steel and the others. Not just that he also has control over time so Bats, Flash and Wonder Woman too would lose.


Superman simply goes out with mind control, Bats and Cyborg are no matches for him, as for the Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, they all will go down when he and his four horsemen go all out on them.


This guy is Marvel’s Superman, but stronger. With his strength, super speed and the best power, his regenerative capabilities he would easily defeat the League.


This is not even a fair fight. Dormammu is a fucking God. He is the Lord of the Dark Dimension, who whenever comes into the real world, he reeks havoc, the League would all be dead, easily.


Mephisto is the Devil of the Marvel Universe, someone who even warped the reality a number of times. Remember him killing off Peter and MJ’s marriage? Yeah, he is that strong.


Superman, we all know gets his power from the Sun, Sentry, well he has the power of a hundred exploding Suns. If Sentry goes all out on Superman and the rest of Justice League, the team won’t even stand a chance against him. Remember Sentry ripping Ares apart from the middle? Yeah, that’s him.

The Beyonder

Marvel villains

The Beyonder is someone who actually pulls the strings. He will be someone who doesn’t just defeat the Justice League but will not do much by himself as he’d make them fight each other, or use other villains to do this.


We all know what happened when Magneto and Xavier became one. Worse, there is no Frank Richards to save the DC heroes. Not just his psychic attacks but also his physical prowess are stunning.


Well, we all know how powerful Thanos is. He’s even killed Gods, so Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman won’t even stand a chance, and he has the infinity gems and can control time so Bats, you go there.


Dude eats planets. With that said, he is someone who could easily take down the whole team except maybe Superman, but seeing how Supes could barely defeat Zod if Galactus is with his heralds, Supes too will die.

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