15 Most Brutal Justice League Reviews That Will Make DC Fans Cry

The moment has arrived for the fans who have been waiting for so long to see their favorite superheroes onscreen. First reactions from notable places have also begun to arrive. And it’s a mixed reaction which is not good news for DCEU. After Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad underperforming at the box-office and failing to set the cash registers ringing,  Justice League was expected to be a massive blockbuster, a record-breaking hit which would have set the path forward for DCEU.

But alas that is not expected to happen although you never know how the larger audience would receive it. The silver lining is Snyder and Whedon have got characters right and DCEU is improving. But the bad news is it fell way short of gigantic expectations, there is messy CGI, rushed stories, bad script, and shoddy execution.

Here’s how some of the major critics reacted after watching the movie:

This must go down as the single stupidest, big-budget superhero motion picture ever unleashed upon an unsuspecting public by a major Hollywood studio. — Chicago Daily Herald

The film is, plainly stated, terrible, and I’m sorry that everyone wasted their time and money making it—and that people are being asked to waste their time and money seeing it. I hate to be so blunt, but it simply must be said this time … I know there’s another comic-book company doing this across town, and it seems to be working out well for them, but if you have no clear sense of how to build one of these franchises in a functional, let alone interesting, way, maybe stop until you do! … It’s rather staggering, how pretty much nothing in the film works, not the semi-reliable old stuff, and certainly not all the new junk they’ve crammed in. Justice League sweatily wants to be both an epic and a romp but hasn’t the patience to truly be either. — Vanity Fair

But for whatever combination of reasons, the end result is a broken film, swimming in bad CGI and forgettable mayhem, that you can’t imagine any number of rewrites or reshoots could have saved. — Daily Telegraph (UK)

It is almost shocking how bad Justice League is. When your film makes the viewer long for the coherence and scope of 2015’s ill-fated “Fantastic Four,” it is a sure sign something has perilously gone wrong. — TheFilmFile.com

justice league

Justice League tips the balances back in the wrong direction. Although marginally better than Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, director Zack Snyder’s latest is still a profound mess of maudlin muscles, incoherent action, and jaw-droppingly awful CGI. It is big, loud, awful to look at and oh-so-dumb … Justice League feels like a bunch of disconnected moments with no governing theory behind it other than the fact that this movie has to come at this time to introduce audiences to characters whose stand-alone movies have already been promised to shareholders. It’s not too late to re-think this whole thing and start over. Just keep Gadot around, please. — Associated Press

Years from now — or maybe even as you read this — filmmakers are going to use the DC Comics Extended Universe as a prime example of how not to build a movie franchise. — The Star-Democrat (Easton, Maryland)

A depressing reminder that Wonder Woman was an anomaly, not the new normal. Busy and boring and oppressively computer generated, Justice League screams we’re back to business as usual. — The Austin Chronicle

justice league cyborg

But Ben Affleck is unrelaxed and ill-at-ease in the role of Batman/Bruce, unconvincing in both the bat armor and the three-piece suit of the wealthy plutocrat. “What’s your superpower?” asks The Flash and Bruce replies: “I’m rich.” It feels a bit late for this film to have cottoned on to a daringly heretical Batman joke that people have been making for years. Really, Affleck spreads a pall of dullness over the film. He doesn’t have the implacable, steely ferocity and conviction that Christian Bale had; he seems to have a faint sheen of sweat as if the Batcave thermostat is up too high, and his attempts at droll humor and older-generation wisdom make his Batman look stately and marginal. Maybe we should get George Clooney back for the role. — The Guardian

The tone is all over the place, the plot’s a mess and Batman should never be cracking jokes. — ComingSoon.net

Not all the candy-coloured bombast in the world can disguise the fact that Ben Affleck, the bulkiest and mopiest Batman of all time, clearly doesn’t want to be here, triggering memories of the #SadAffleck meme. Ben, we feel your pain. — The Daily Review

Did you like Joss Whedon’s The Avengers? Then you’ll love, or at least maybe be able to mostly tolerate, Justice League, and not just because Whedon helped out with the script and direction. (Don’t worry, though: Zack Snyder still leaves his gritty, operatic fingerprints on the project, especially early on.) You’ve got your super-powerful magic geegaw – Motherboxes instead of the Tesseract. You’ve got your evil dude from another dimension bringing an alien army to invade earth — Steppenwolf instead of Loki, Parademons instead of the Chitauri. And you’ve got your team of heroes who have to overcome their personal issues and mutual dislike in order to come together and save the day. Wonder Woman? A leader afraid to lead. The Flash? Stuck running in place, lifewise. Aquaman? Caught between two worlds and resenting both. Cyborg? Would maybe rather be dead than mashed up with intelligent alien tech. Batman? Actually, he seems okay, despite his protestations that he’s not good with people. And Superman? He’s dead, leaving humanity especially vulnerable to an army of critters that feed on fear. Sadly, very little of all this plays into the story, except to serve as fodder for between-battles bickering. (Sample resolution: Wonder Woman turns to the others and says, “On my lead,” before not doing any actual leading.) There’s some welcome levity, some genuine conversation (as when Bats and Diana share a drink), and a few moments that feel like really good comic book panels (especially mid-credits). For some, that may be enough. Next up: Aquaman. 2017. – San Diego Reader

“The stench of your fear is making my soldiers hungry!” Steppenwolf warns at one point, and we have to wonder: Are they trying to provide us all with wisecracks? The stench of this movie is making audiences sick? The stench of this movie is making critics ravenous? Virtually, everything out of the villain’s mouth is funny, or at least every threat. — San Francisco Chronicle

When the landscape of the superhero genre has become so rich and diverse, don’t fans deserve more than a movie whose claim to glory is “This isn’t the utter disaster is could have been”? In place of disaster, Justice League is a largely bland, forgettable affair … Existing on its own merits, the movie is a giant nothingburger because it has little time for character development and too much retooling to tell a layered story … The barebones story that we get lacks stakes because we don’t really know most of these characters and Steppenwolf suuuuuucks. I was expecting Steppenwolf to be dull and easily disposable, but I didn’t think he would be this atrocious. — Collider

Big, loud, dumb and ugly – that’s “Steppenwolf,” the mythical demon creature that’s uniting the League. He’s exactly like Ares, and that’s a disgrace. He’s boring and he looks ridiculous, like one of the weightless horned wights from a fantasy video game. The monsters of Warcraft looked more tactile. His mouth moves like a rubber band in a wind tunnel … If a dog ate a box of neon crayons and puked it on a casino hallway carpet, you’d have the color palette of Justice League. — Mashable

Let’s face it, Steppenwolf is a CGI yawn, the action sequences are often a digital blur, the soundtrack defaults to loud whenever inspiration wanes and keeping it light becomes the first step to staying superficial … In the end, this all-star team-up is too afraid of the dark to work its way into our dreams. — Rolling Stone

It is literally difficult even to think about it that how everyone is attacking the movie. Before concluding anything about the movie let’s check the reactions of the fans from around the world:

Doom And Gloom!


Laughing With Excitement!

Badass Steppenwolf!

Good time With Parents!

Very Entertaining!

Ultimate Cut!


Embracing the Movie!

Epic We Deserve!

Super Likes!

Total Entertainment!


Positive Opinion!

Big Fan of Justice!

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