10 Women Who Got Naughty In Bed With Batman

Well considering the time Batman has been in our world, a character like Bruce has to have some or maybe many love encounters or at least one night stands up his sleeve. So here is a list of women who were lucky enough to get the chance to be in bed with this billionaire playboy.

Bruce Wayne was the original “Mr. Steal Your Girl” and this was proved when he stole Man of Steel’s girl. Yes, Bruce Wayne got involved with the love of Superman’s life and it was not just mere dating or a small relationship, Bruce and Lois got married once.

Well, we learned that Batman fell in love with Lois. Due to his close friendship with Superman and the fact that Lois always set her eyes on Superman, Bruce has never been honest with Lois and told her about his feelings. But one night there is a masquerade party which Bruce thought of attending but is saddened to think that Lois will likely save every dance for Superman.

Bruce Wayne finds Lois, dressed as Joan of Arc with ‘war-horse,’ at the party and asked her about Superman, she replied that he is on a mission but promised he’d arrive. When some other party guests, each dressed as Man of Steel is playing around and frightened Lois’ horse, Bruce was dressed as Achilles, and he managed to shield Lois from being trampled.

After some time, Superman arrives and Lois immediately asks him to dance, ignoring the fact that it was Bruce who just saved her life. Superman says it’s not possible for him as he is on his way to a secret mission. She then becomes outraged since it’s been several times that Superman’s broken a date with her. She asks Bruce to take her home and he agreed. This was a golden opportunity for Bruce to open up and tell her the truth of his own feelings for her.


He did just that as Bruce Wayne and Lois began dating and getting closer over the next several weeks. Lois is becoming enamored with him due to his tenderness and affection. The romance continued and inevitably Bruce asked Lois to marry him. Batman finally tells Superman and explains how his feelings for Lois are the “real thing.” He explains they’re going to get married and wants to know if Superman has any objections. Superman dismisses it all and gives his blessings since Lois is “free to marry whomever she pleases.” But the harsh truth was that Superman got terribly upset. Well, sometimes it is too easy for Bruce. The biggest example of Bruce being involved with Superman was when Bruce’s visit to Metropolis turns into a passionate romance with Lois. Oh, poor Clark!

Andrea Beaumont

She was introduced as Bruce Wayne’s lover in one of the best animated Batman movies ever, Batman: The Mask of Phantasm. Their love is intense, beautiful and hopelessly romantic in every way one can imagine. Their love was so deep that she almost made Bruce want to give up being Batman very early in his Batman career in order to lead a happy life with her. The people who have seen this movie know that they did sleep together as they had already been making out and one of those times, even Alfred showed up!

Black Canary

Aside from being one of DC’s most masterful fighters, Black Canary is known for her relationship with the Emerald Archer, Oliver Queen. But, there is one period where she was portrayed as the lover of Batman. Their intense passion for each other is not born by some romantic or affectionate instance. But, Black Canary got the hots for Batsy because of his ability to put away groups of criminals alone with nothing but his fists! Well, Batman didn’t even leave Arrow’s chick.

Silver St. Cloud

As she was one of Gotham City’s upper-class citizens, she was able to connect with the extraordinarily wealthy Bruce Wayne, and then our famous billionaire playboy wasted no time to get her into bed and the two were romantically involved for quite a while after that.

Chase Meridian

She is not remembered very warm-heartedly just for the sole purpose of being in Batman Forever, but her very flirtatious nature with both Bruce and Batman really helps in making her character very appealing. She was played by Nicole Kidman so she was obviously very attractive.


Natalia Knight or Nocturna is another one of Batman’s more short-lived romantic interests. They have a passionate history together. Though their brief romance is insincere, it was still pretty steamy. She got Batman into marrying her by forcing him as she had kidnapped Jason Todd. Batman agreed but it did not last very long, but still, the two got into bed quite a lot.



Catwoman has been the dearest of all the villains to Batman and they have definitely been the most famous couple in the history of comic books. Be it the recent Tom king’s Batman issue, in Gotham’s young love vibe or the arcs of earth one where the two marry. Between all the bloody fights and havocs, Bruce and Catwoman find their naughty times and hell the two seem to steam up the pages of the comics and put fire all over the screens when together.

The best Catwoman on the big screen will always be Michelle Pfieffer whoever tries it in the future, she was hot as hell and seduced men like a boss. Although, in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Catwoman was played by young and ravishing Anne Hathaway and her performance was much appreciated by critics. In the movie, she teamed up with Batman, in the end, to take down Bane but she was never his love interest or girlfriend which has been the case many times in the comics.

Vicki Vale

Vicki Vale has been a part of the Dark Knight’s Universe for decades, and she has appeared in almost every medium that featured the Caped Crusader, comics, movies, television and video games. Very often she has been portrayed as a romantic partner for Bruce. She falls for Bruce’s charm and even Bruce is pretty humbled by her personality. In the 1989 Batman movie by Tim Burton, we saw Vicki and Bruce going into bed after a night of mixed communication concludes in mildly intoxicated fun. Well, what can you say, Bruce is a ladies man.

Barbara Gordon

This union does feel off because Barbra is the daughter of Bruce’s friend, but it is what it is! We saw her hook up on the rooftop with Batman/BruceWayne in the recent animated flick Batman: The Killing Joke. Feeling “off” about their sexual relations should actually be nothing of our concern because Babs and Bruce are two mature, consenting adults and they can do what they want.

In fact, we learned about Barbara and Dick Grayson’s relationship but before it could blossom, Batman told Dick about the fact that Barbara is pregnant with his child and then, unfortunately, she had a miscarriage when she was engaged in a battle.

Talia Al Ghul


There are multiple dynamics to the relationship between Batman and Talia. Talia’s crush over Batman has turned into an obsession at many points, it crossed a point when Talia even raped him to get his ejaculates to bear a child with Bruce’s genes. Sometimes she does get back the requital for her love and the two end up making out. Though, against Talia’s desire, the two never get married but do hook up a lot of the times and had a child named Damian Wayne, who is the new Robin now.

However, in the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises”, last installment in Nolan’s trilogy, Bruce did fall for the charm and seduction of Miranda Tate aka Talia Al Ghul but she was shown to be an influential corporate executive in Wayne enterprises who wanted to know the vital information and delivered it to Bane which is why he knew about the Applied sciences division and had his base underneath it. She wanted to avenge the death of her father Ra’s Al Ghul who was killed by Batman in the first movie ‘Batman Begins’.

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