10 Things That JK Rowling Cut From The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series has been one of the best stories and franchises of the past few decades and there is probably nothing we would like to change in it. The series seems perfect to us but there were some things that could have been added to the stories had JKR not changed her mind about them while writing. These are some of the absurd things that JKR had planned on putting in the series but later changed her mind:

10. Some of the initial names:

The series has some amazing character names but initially, some of the important characters were going to have some lame names. For example, Draco Malfoy could have been Spungen Spinks and Hermione could have been called Puckle! We are glad JKR did not go with her first instinct in this case because these would have been so lame.

9. A Vampire professor:

There are many magical creatures in the wizarding world of Harry Potter and even inside Hogwarts. As we know that Remus Lupin was a werewolf, Professor Binns a ghost and Firenze who taught divination for a year was a centaur, therefore, it is not absurd to think that JKR wanted to put a vampire professor in the lot too. She later abandoned the idea because she felt that the idea of vampires had been used in literature too many times.

8. Helga Hufflepuff’s Cauldron:

As we know there were seven Horcruxes and out of the three were objects related to the four founders of Hogwarts. The locket by Slytherin, Diadem by Ravenclaw and a goblet by Hufflepuff. Originally JK Rowling had decided that there would be a cauldron by Helga Hufflepuff but then she changed her mind because a cauldron would have been hard to destroy and hide, so she went with a goblet instead.

7. Mopsus the Seer:

You must remember Hogwarts’s resident seer Professor Sybil Trelawney who was clueless or drunk most of the time and only did accurate predictions accidentally. Well, there was going to be a blind Divination teacher instead called Mopsus who always predicted accurately and even knew a lot of things that were going to happen. JKR later felt that would decrease the suspense and thrill and so Mopsus was replaced by Trelawney.

6. The Grangers:

The Granger family does not have much to do with the story as only Hermione is focused on. Her parents are only important when she obliviates their memories. However, originally the Grangers were going to be the neighbors of the Potters who lived on an island. When James and Lily died Mr. Granger would have heard the screams and found Harry alone in the house. She later changed the whole first draft and we think it was for the best.

5. Hermione’s sister:

We know that Hermione was a single child and her parents were muggles but initially, JK Rowling had some different plans for the Granger family. She had planned on giving Hermione a younger sister who would also be a witch and would enter Hogwarts 3 or 4 years later. However, she forgot about this plan and later it was too late to add such an important character.

4. Mafalda, the evil Weasley Cousin:

The Weasley family is the best family in the series and every Weasley is adorable. What you may not know is that the Weasleys were going to have an evil cousin called Mafalda who would have been an interesting take on the ginger family. According to JKR Mafalda would have been in Slytherin and would be Hermione’s rival in terms of academics. Also, Mafalda would have later helped the trio by eavesdropping on death eaters and bringing vital information. The idea was later dropped by the author.

3. Draco’s Bestie Theodore:

So we know that Draco Malfoy had two sidekicks called Crabbe and Goyle who followed him everywhere. Draco loved bossing them around as they were somewhat dim-witted and could be easily controlled. JKR felt that Draco needed a friend who would be his equal intellectually and in blood status and so she invented Theodore Nott, a pureblood Slytherin cleverer than Draco. We wish she didn’t leave him out!

2. Dudley’s wizard son:

The Dursleys hate magic as we are told in the first sentence of the first book. They abused Harry for years and Dudley, in particular, made Harry’s life very difficult as a child. JKR thought of payback on Dudley by giving him a wizard son who would make him understand Harry’s struggles. She later changed her mind and kept the Dursleys away from magic forever.

 1. The last word of the series:

harry potter

If you have read the last book you would know that the last words of the whole series were “all was well”. JKR wanted a special word to be the last word of the series and that word was “scar”. She had thought about it even before writing the last book and was about to write something like “his scar was now just a scar…”. She changed her mind because she felt that this line would close the door to the series forever and there would be no way to continue it even if she wanted.

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