10 Reasons Why DC TV Shows Are Way Better Than DC Movies

People have given mixed reactions to 3 out of the 4 DCEU movies till now and this has caused a lot of distrust with the future of the DC movies. But, fans and viewers all over the world have loved the DC TV department and it is no doubt the best in the Superhero department. Sure there are flaws but here is a list why the TV shows are much better than the movies.

Doing more with less

The TV department cannot use all the main-stream characters but it has done remarkably well with what it has. It has picked up all the side comic characters and made them popular and even though the stories get restricted as they do not have the authority for all the characters, they have really moulded and told incredible stories following the comic story-lines. The movies have totally done the opposite, trying to do a lot with less time to show. BvS had literally 5 movies worth of good material crammed into one single movie.

It has a lighter tone

The first three movies of the DCEU were very dark tonally, which is one of the main reasons why the fans did not like them. But, the TV department knows how to balance out the stories they are telling and even though the shows like Arrow are dark enough, they still keep it light by adding humor and emotion in those shows.

The Crossovers are total fun

All these years, we have loved the individual shows, but once or twice every season, we get to see a crossover episode and now it has become a 5 night thing which is extremely amazing, as it allows the shows to tell a separate as well as a joint story which is totally epic and a lot of fun to witness. The movies have failed to that till now. Hopefully, things change with Justice League.

Better villains

The only villain DC has managed to pull off quite well till now is General Zod. The others were either too lame or were not given proper screen time for people to relate to them. the TV shows, on the other hand, have been able to get the audiences to connect with the villains along with the heroes. It has picked up the under-rated villains and made them popular. Deathstroke is a great example of this as he is probably the best villain that has been portrayed in the DC TV shows till now.

They’ve got the casting absolutely right

The DCEU has always faced criticism for their castings even though most of the characters turned out really great, but characters like Lex Luthor and the Joker are still under a lot of heat. This has never been the case with the TV actors portraying the characters. People have been on-board with almost every character portrayal and some of the characters are loved a lot like Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, Grant as Flash, Brandon Routh as The Atom, etc.

Time to tell the stories

The TV shows have used their time very well to portray the various storylines, whereas the movie department has crammed a lot of stuff in such short span of time, which is why some people did not even understand some huge plot points in the movies. Now Justice League is going to be of 2 hrs and 1 minute, hopefully, it does not screw up like the previous ones.

Can deliver a spectacle

Very often, even with the smaller budgets, the shows have managed to deliver really epic spectacles and even the CGI (except some episode) has been mostly top notch. So, the TV department really knows where to put their money. Whereas, the movie division has mostly spent a lot of money on CGI and visuals and less time and money has been spent on storytelling.

More emotional effect

The TV shows are not just fun to watch, the fans get to connect with the characters on an emotional level as well. The movies have not been able to establish the emotional sympathetic bond between the characters and the audiences properly and on top of that, we got the Martha moment. The TV division, on the other hand, has managed that quite well.

They know how to use humor

BvS and Man of Steel were literally too dark and humorless. Suicide Squad tried the comic way but mostly failed whereas all the four shows have provided a balanced humor section to the audience and this is one of the plus points of the TV section which the movies have not yet been able to exploit properly.

The Universe is well-established


The Arrowverse has been established quite well as people know about almost all the characters since all of them have been properly introduced to the viewers. The movies, on the other hand, have just put in all their characters without giving them a proper intro which is a must for the audience to be able to connect with the characters and the DCEU has been establishing itself on a false notion.

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