The Flash Season 4 Premiere Episode Reveals Massive Secret of Arrow Season 6  

The season 4 premiere episode of The Flash began on a somber note but picked up the pace in the later half. It’s one of the most anticipated CW show, more so this time as the finale of season 3 was slightly disappointing.

In the Flash season 3 finale, we saw Barry Allen left Central city & his loved ones behind and went into the speed-force with his mother. After they defeated Savitar with the help of Jay Garrick (Henry Allen dopple-ganger), the speed-force became extremely volatile and unstable, led to massive earthquakes that wreaked havoc upon the common folk. It required a powerful speedster to stabilize the effects and Flash volunteered as he held himself guilty of creating Flashpoint timeline.

Here’s the official synopsis of debut episode of “The Flash” season 4 titled “Reborn”:

“Running up against an evil time remnant version of yourself is something no one should ever have to do, but that’s exactly what faced Barry Allen (aka The Flash) as he fought to save the life of fiancée Iris West from the God of Speed known as Savitar. Barry’s victory was short-lived, however, as an unbalanced Speed Force began to wreak havoc on Central City, forcing Barry to sacrifice himself for the greater good. With The Fastest Man Alive now trapped inside an extra-dimensional energy, and unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, it will be up to Team Flash to free Barry from his own personal Hell”.

It’s been really hard for Team Kid Flash to grapple with Barry’s disappearance and new threats that threatened the Central city. When a Japanese samurai ninja showed up with his mystical sword, Team Kid Flash ran out of ideas to stop him. He demanded the real Flash to fight him or else he will destroy the Central city. As a result, Cisco had to try to get Barry out of speed force through speedforce bazooka on which he has been working for months and got valuable assistance from a number of people. He failed initially but later CCPD found the body of Flash who has totally lost his mind after spending six months inside the speed-force.

It’s totally unprecedented that a superhero show reveals a powerful secret of another superhero show in the debut episode itself. The season 6 of Arrow is also around the corner and its time to gear up for a whole new show altogether as Oliver’s flashbacks came to an end.

Arrow season 5 finale was perhaps the best episode in show’s history, maybe in CW history as well. It was a thrilling, edge-of-the-seat ride that never failed to give goose-bumps. It has injected new energy into the TV franchise which lost momentum after season 4 debacle. The show has now redeemed itself from the past sins. The show came full circle to the very first episode when he returned to the Starling city. The finale showed how exactly Oliver fled the island and brought a sense of closure to a long-planned story arc. And season 6 will be a brand new start for the TV series. The fans are now cheering and looking forward to the next season.

In the last scene of the Arrow season 5 finale, we saw Oliver with his son William but then Chase killed himself triggering the explosives planted all over the island. In the first episode of season 6, we were supposed to know who amongst Thea, Felicity, Diggle, Curtis, Diana, Rene, Samantha Clayton, Captain Lance, Slade, Nyssa Al Ghul survived the island.


Well, now we know that Felicity and Curtis definitely survived as both of them were among the people with whom Cisco consulted to stabilize the speed force without it knowing that the speedster is missing.

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