The Flash Season 4 Premiere Episode Breakdown And Easter-Eggs

The Flash came back with a bang in the first episode of season 4 after he left everyone with ah… cliff-hanger that what was going to happen with Barry since he had gone to serve his time in the Speed Force Prison at the end of the last season. It was a really great episode and it brought a lot of positivity for this season.

The show started with Iris having moved on with the fact that Barry has gone and he is not coming back. So, she takes it upon her and the rest of the team Flash to keep the city absolutely safe in absence of Barry. We see Peek-a-Boo making her first appearance after season 1.

There were a lot of nods to the premiere of season 1, scenes and references to the first episode of The Flash Season1. The runway scene, the background music, Run Barry Run getting replaced with Run Iris Run, all these were a nod to the premiere episode. This episode showed and mentioned almost everyone. Harrison Wells from Earth 2 gets a name drop, along with Felicity, Curtis and Tracy and the rest of the team showed up in the episode. Julian’s absence was also dealt with.

We then see ‘Samuroid’ show up in the episode, who ends up being an android in the show but in the comics, he is actually a real person under mind control. It was revealed that Kid Flash speaks Japanese, and this scene was a nod to the comics where Kid Flash sort of goes to Japan to catch Samuroid.

Cisco along with Kaitlin and others then finally end up bringing Barry back from the Speed Force Prison and keeping it stable so that the Speed Force believes that Barry is still in there. Barry comes back all bearded up and everything, but he did not seem to remember anything and his brain was pretty fried. All this time in the Speed Force had caused Barry to be in a state where Barry spent an eternity, living in his future and past altogether, as the Speed Force is not linear with the actual Space-Time Continuum. This is why he is speaking in all gibberish, as he was reciting what all has happened with him in the future and the past in the Speed Force.


Speaking in gibberish, Barry also gave out an Easter Egg for the future, where he mentioned that he needs more diapers. This is actually a nod to the future where Iris and he are going to have twins. This season is going to show their wedding in the big 4-night crossover event, and the next season might also bring up the twins.

The Samuroid had given 24 hours to team Vibe and he had demanded that he needs to fight the Flash. And then, Kid Flash showed up as The Flash donning the red suit, he was then defeated and the Samuroid claimed that he was not the real Flash. This was also a nod to the comics where Wally dons the red Flash suit after the crisis on the Infinite Earths to make everyone believe that the Flash is still there to protect Central City.

Having Kid Flash defeated and Samuroid threatening to bring the City down, Iris gives herself up to the Samuroid believing that the Flash will be back for her. And, she was right about believing in Barry, as he just snapped out of his state and ran faster than ever in his new Flash suit and ended up taking down Samuroid and saving Iris. This was a great moment as this entire season will be set up on belief and faith.


They started it really big by revealing the main big bad right in the first episode. The man sitting in the chair looking all Brainiac like was revealed at the end of the episode and he is called ‘The Thinker’. The woman who works for him is called ‘The Mechanic’. The reveal of these two villains was followed by the fact that it was they who actually brought The Flashback from the Speed Force, befooling everyone. It looks like big things are in store for us this season. The episode was really huge and amazing and we hope that the rest of the season turns out to be as good as it seems like.

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