10 Action Comedy Movies You Should Not Miss

The most enjoyable movies genre are Action Comedy without a doubt! It not only fulfills your thrill-seeking fantasies but along with that, people end up laughing on floors. Here is a list of movies that not just kicked a lot of ass, but made you laugh like hell!

Men In Black 3

Well Will Smith does have a great comic timing and a good sense of humour, and this is the reason why the entire Men In Black trilogy turned out to be really funny and at the same time, it provided good action sequences blended with a sci-fi touch. Out of the three, we have to say that the third one was the funniest of all.

Bad Boys 2

We can all agree that the second one was better than the first. This Will Smith and Martin Lawrence starring flick rocked a better plot than the first one, the fun was more, the stakes were higher and we got to see a better Villain this time around. Ever since the sequel to Bad Boys came out, people have been dying to see these two actors re-unite again for a third movie, but it is still unconfirmed.

Knight and Day

This Romantic Action Comedy made us all go crazy as Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz did so well in the movie and we all know that Tom is the king of Action movies and this was yet another awesome action flick. Cruise plays a Rogue agent Roy Miller who is on the run from CIA. The movie was directed by James Mangold and it is a must watch!

Fast and Furious 6

Ever since Fast 5 came out, this series has become the funniest Action movie franchise of all time. Movies after Fast 5 have just become so much funnier and this franchise is already one of the lead action franchises of all time. But the funniest of them all was without a doubt the 6th one. People have loved all the movies of the series and choosing one out of all in the Action-Comedy genre would be a tough ask, but considering all the aspects, the 6th one was the best of all.

The A Team

This is probably one of the best Action movies ever made and it was surely the best action movie Liam Neeson has ever done. The movie featured outrageous action sequences and the chemistry between the four lead actors including Neeson and Bradley Cooper was just sublime. Sadly, the film did not get a sequel even after being so good. Still, the crazy Pilot character Murdock and his chemistry with Baracus stole the show.

22 Jump Street

Both the Jump Street movies were equally funny, but the second movie raised the bar of everything, it had a higher budget, much more fun and much more action. Both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill killed it in the movie and Ice Cube yet again blessed us all with laughter along with these two. All in all, it was a great R-Rated Action Comedy Duology that people surely need to check out.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

This was an Action Spy Comedy movie that totally out did its expectations as it turned out to be a total surprise package for each and every viewer.  The film featured a great cast and Taron Egerton turned out to be the charm of the movie. The movie was directed by Matthew Vaughn and the sequel of the movie is already in the theatres which is not as good as the first one, but still is funny as hell.

The Brothers Grimsby

Well this was the first time Sacha Baron Cohen, the king of dirty comedies got to deliver his style of Comedy in an Action Flick. This R-Rated movie was full of non-sense, but it did not stop people from rolling on the floors and at the same time, the movie delivered really well shot action sequences. Both Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong nailed their roles playing two brothers from England.


The most unexpected successful movie was without a doubt the 2015 R-Rated Action Comedy, Spy. It featured Melissa McCarthy in the lead along with Jude Law and Jason Statham. One of the biggest charms of the movie was Statham in a comedy role which just worked out for everyone along with the breathtaking action that was portrayed in the movie.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard


This year’s ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ starring a combination of Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds was just a treat to watch. It was a ride of laughter and splendid action sequences throughout the movie. It was directed by Patrick Hughes and it shocked the entire audience as it was a really great movie to witness. We all got to see how lethal and funny a combination of Nick Fury and Deadpool could be as both the lead actors just nailed their roles in the movie.

This list has been exclusive of all the Superhero movies like Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy even though they made people laugh really hard, but the list was only for the non-Superhero Action Comedy movies.   

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