10 Things Which Will Make You Feel I Have Superpowers

In our childhood, each one of us thought about having a unique power that nobody else has. That will define us in a different way from others like Superman, Spiderman, wolverine etc. But all this is fictional, all these things do not exist in reality. But there are many genius minds who wanted to convert all these things into reality, the powers and gadgets they saw in comics and movies, it can be fans and the government trying to create advance tech for the soldiers. There are several examples where people turned fiction into reality, but these are the 10 inventions that will make you feel I Have Superpowers.


We all know about the ‘The Tumbler’. Probably it was the best batmobile ever.  Everything about this batmobile, the looks, way it moves was created in real life. This was first time used in The Dark Knight Rises. This is not an easy one to find and get your hands on but a crew Team Galag might make this dream actually come true very soon.


One of the best thing about of Batman was the Batsuit Itself.  Batman (Bruce Wayne) does not have any powers, he is just a rich guy who has the best tech, intelligence and very well knows how to fight.

An industrial major Gordon made a bat suit which can protect against knives and sharp objects and can also handle a hit of a iron rod or a pipe. This is something Bruce Wayne must have admired.

Batman’s grappling hook

Batman may not have the superpowers but what he has are some gadgets which are kickass. We have seen the Batman’s grapple hook in the movies which uses to climb up and down – just shoot, grab and up you go in no time.

Hacksmith is a specialist in kind of stuff, develops different kind of gadget and tools for movies and comics. He has already developed number of tools for the comic books. He created gun that could help to escalate up and down on higher places.

Wolverine Claws

When we first saw the Wolverine with his extended claws, the fans must thought that it is so cool and some of would have wanted to have those. But the claws that we saw then were not real but a guy name Colin furze has create the claws in real life.

Colin Furze created a system through which the claws can be extended and retracted by the push of button instead of manually pushing them out and pulling in. It is not a small design it has backpack attach to without it wont work. But still is a great creation.

Spider-Man Web Shooters

Spiderman fans with brilliant mind have always questioned if the web shooter can actually be made. Well the answer is yes, some people tried to replicate the idea of web shooters and even succeeded.

JLazervideo he has made many version of web shooters. Each one of them is different and does different things. He has even made a web shooter that anyone can make with a little bit of money and time.

Daredevil Senses

Daredevil is a blind superhero, but still using his sense he fights his way through everything. He has to face a lot of problems, in the same the blind people in our society also experience so many problems in their life

Orcam is a pair of glasses. It detects words that one tis pointing at, detects face of people. This is the invention that can actually help the blind people.

Captain America’s Shield

We’ve always wonder about Captains shield that how being in the shape of a circle it still works like a boomerang. Hacksmith has made a clone of the same and it can break objects too.

They have also upgrades it with some electromagnet so that it can be caught easily when it comes back around after a throw. It work fine like the original shield of Captain from the comics.

Lightsaber from Star Wars

We’ve all seen the glowing sword in the Star Wars movies (Lightsabers). They are quite a thing. Imagine you have some troch like looking thing in your hand when you push the button a laser beam emerges that can cut anything. Wouldn’t it be cool?

Styropyro(YouTube channel) is the genius who made a flashlight like device which shoots laser beam than can cut and burn things just like a flame torch.

Throwing Fire through Hand

Shooting fire with your hands that’s insane right but there is a brilliant mind Adam Wilber created a machine with the name Pyro which can shoot fire balls. The machine is small and can be worn on wrist easily, although a smaller version of Pyro is under development.

Superman X-ray Eyes


Superman has a lot of powers like strength, ability to fly and X-ray eyes. There was a research going on the ability to see through different objects. But some brilliant minds at MIT altogether were able to make a pair of x-ray glass that can see through objects. They do this using wifi signal, but the image is not that good but it is functional.

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