5 Superheroes Who Have Tremendous Fighting Skills

Superheroes and their fighting abilities are two never-ending and most prominent parts of comic book movies that will keep the genre alive for long. Having said that, fans often put forward their perceptions, likes and dislikes about their favorite superheroes, but one thing that makes us tickle our gray matter is which hero has the best fighting ability. Irrespective of what superpower they possess, we are counting down on the five superheroes which have the best fighting ability.

1) Wonder Woman


Talking about superman strength, longevity and fighting skills it would be unfair if we leave out Wonder Woman in the lust. Proficient in the Amazonian martial art, her ability to use Lasso of truth, shield and sword are just impeccable. With her combatant skills, she can defeat superheroes who are well above than her in terms of power.

2) Gamora


The Guardians of the Galaxy character has quite a fighting skills. Her first presentation of a fight with Star-Lord showed how flawless she is in her kicking, slamming and punching skills and the way she knocked him down. Raised by the Thanos himself, she is one of the strong characters among the other guardians.

3) Spider-Man


The web-slinging superhero is no doubt flexible enough to give a bad piece of his mind to villains. His flexibility, agility, enchanted superhuman flexibility and “spider sense” makes him among stand in the list of best superheroes ever.

4) Captain America


Captain America does have any superpower to is the name. After being treated by Vita-ray and super-soldier serum, CA has super endurance, speed, super healing reflexes, and durability. His hand to hand combat has come from decades of experience.

5) Batman


Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham city after seven years of martial art training with League of Shadows to eradicate the criminality and evilness from the city. He has mastered more than hundred types of martial art. And it proves why he has a strong physical prowess and strong intellect to fight.

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