Super Sunday Funday: Shaktimaan VS Martian Manhunter

Shaktimaan VS Martian Manhunter, This is a battle worth imagining. Shaktimaan is a very underrated Superhero, but once given proper recognition and analysis of his powers, he might be unbeatable. A very worthy opponent against him would surely be the sole survivor of Mars. The brawl between to two will be really brutal as both of them are extremely powerful. Now, let’s find out who would win in a fight by analyzing their powers.


“Shakti-Shakti-Shaktimaaan, Shakti-Shakti-Shaktimaan” flies in the Indian Superboy. Pandit Gangadhar Shastri is a very intelligent man and is a photographer by profession, but when someone’s in trouble, he comes in as the great Shaktimaan to save the day. The set of powers he possesses is a unique and huge set of powers. His abilities are Invisibility, shape shifting, Super strength, and speed, (very amazing way of) flight, heat & light projection, Telepathy and healing factor. He is also a trained unarmed combatant. God save the ones who dare to cross his path.

Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz was the sole survivor of the planet Mars when it was attacked. He possesses a wide variety of abilities native to the Green Martian race such as superhuman strength, durability, flight, regeneration, shapeshifting, intangibility, invisibility, telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory input, and optic blasts. Many of his powers resemble those of Shaktimaan. But one of his abilities includes turning into a freak in Dragon. His body is capable of stretching to any length he wants.



Shaktimaan VS Martian Manhunter

Shaktimaan VS Martian Manhunter

This is a battle of a true believer in God and Man from another Planet. Martian Manhunter is extremely powerful and he would meet his true match against this Indian Superhero who has been blessed with a lot of powers in order to keep the people around them safe. But if the two were to ever engage in a battle, it would be really catastrophic.

The similarities in their powers are pretty commendable and a fight between the two would surely be even. Because most of their powers are similar, Manhunter would surely want to dominate with one or two different powers that she has which Shaktimaan would not have any answer for. He could straight away turn into a Dragon and use his stretchability to wrap  Shaktimaan and restrict his movements. Then he can use his optic blasts to make his final move. But, that might not be enough to take Shaktimaan down as he has a constant healing ability, so anything that the Martian throws at him would have to be really obliterating otherwise Shaktimaan would just heal back and come up with an even stronger attack against the Martian. Unfortunately, Manhunter does not have a quick regenerative ability so Shaktimaan would ultimately have the upper hand. Still, it is going to be a long and tough battle but at the end, we are going to see the Martian Kneeling before Shaktimaan and saying- “Sorry Shaktimaan”.

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