7 Most Powerful Weapons Mighty THOR Has Used

Since the Asgardians have fought a large number of enemies, there were a lot of weapons and equipment they have had made that helped them in defeating their foes. Thor is no exception to this and had fought many immensely powerful characters in the comics. He used some of the most powerful weapons and equipment to take control of the situation and here are seven of the most powerful of them that he had used:


Most Powerful Asgardian Weapons

No doubt Mjolnir is one of the most famous Asgardian weapons, but Odinsword is the most powerful of them all. First appeared in “Journey Into Mystery” #117 (by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Vince Colletta), it’s believed that if it were ever taken out, it would mean the end of the world and coming of the Ragnarok. But after the curse was removed it was given to Thor to defeat his own evil uncle, Cul Borson (Serpent) who is also known as the God of Fear as it was the only weapon that could defeat him.


In ‘Journey into Mystery’ issue #83, Mjolnir made its first appearance, The main weapon of Thor was first going to be named, Uru hammer, but then the editors thought its name should be Thor, which is also the name of Thor’s hammer in the Norse mythology. In the newest origin story of Mjolnir, it was shown that once there was a raging Sential storm that went through whichever galaxy destroyed it. When it came to Asgard, it faced Odin who then fought it for days before capturing it in the Uru metal. Then he asks the dwarves to make it into a weapon and literally stars are used to melt the metal. After that, it is made into a hammer.


The blood-hungry axe which was the weapon of choice of Skruge the Executioner had powers that made him achieve many great feats in battles. But when he died using the axe it eventually made its way to Earth where Jackie Lukus, a friend of Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike) finds it and uses it to fight crime but the blood-lust of the axe took control of her and made her kill. Eric then takes the axe from her and when he was stuck in a battle against a powerful enemy which he wasn’t able to defeat, he uses the axe to defeat him. After which, he realizes that the axe will take control of him as well so he sacrificed his life to stop it. But his sacrifice couldn’t destroy the bloody axe. Thor, later, uses it in a battle and when he realizes that the curse of the axe is taking hold of himself, he destroys it.


Jarnbjorn, known as the “Wrecker of Worlds”, was the ax that Thor used when he was young before he wielded Mjolnir. He also upgraded or enhanced its powers by blessing it with his blood. The indestructible axe is so powerful now that it can pierce through the armor of a Celestial. When Thor lost his axe, it fell into the hands of Kang the Conqueror who gave it to the Apocalypse Twins. They used it to kill a Celestial. Later Thor defeats them and regains his axe. The axe was so powerful that Malekith used it to cut off Thor’s arm.

Uru Destroyer Arm:

After his own axe turned against him when Malekith used it to cut off his arm, Odin called upon  Dwarves of Nidavellir to forge a new arm for Thor. It was forged with the same metal used in forging the Mjolnir. It was dark black in color and resembles the arm of the Destroyer. The arm can amplify Thor’s powers and in Thor #4 it was shown that it is capable of blocking the mighty blows of Mjolnir made by new Thor (Jane Foster).


Megingjord is another item taken straight from the Norse mythology. It gives Thor immense strength even greater than his own. Although Thor is extremely powerful and has never needed equipment from outside to fight an enemy, the belt was used only against most difficult of foes. The belt is also worn by Roger “Red” who is a human which was given to him by Odin to give him godlike to avoid Ragnarok.

Thor’s giant Goats- Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder:


These aren’t technically weapons but are the mode of transportation that Thor uses in the recent comics along with the Bifrost. The goats are another characters taken straight from the Norse mythology. The hooves and horns of the goats are immensely powerful and were once able to chip off silver from the uru metal of Mjolnir accidentally which later became Frogjolnir, the hammer of Throg when Thor became a frog.

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