The Flash Season 4: Everything to Know About the Samurai Villain Who Kidnaps Iris

After initial lows of Season 3, The Flash ended on a high with the season finale. Barry going into the Speed Force wasn’t something which most fans would have speculated when the season started. But it wasn’t that, it was the way The Flash treated its entire ensemble towards the end of the show which made all the difference. This season we might explore another emotional ride with Barry and Iris as they both try to sustain their relationship after another roadblock.

The CW released a photo of this menacing villain who took away Iris in the promo. So strap yourself in a seat and get set for this Samurai. This is something no one expected from the promo titled, The Flash Reborn. Take a closer look at this robotic Samurai:

This definitely confirms that Team Flash will be facing off against at least one Samuroid if not more. We first saw this Samuroid in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer and in the extended trailer we got the first look at a bearded Barry Allen who returns from the Speed Force.

Most of the fans wouldn’t have heard of the Samuroids as they aren’t a very popular breed of DC villains. Samuroids are nothing but robotic Samurai Warriors. In DC comics, they were created by a man named Baron Katana.  These Samuroids are designed to have jetpacks, electric swords, and strong armors. In the comics, Barry faces of Katana in Japan while investigating a Samuroid crime. Although Barry was able to beat the Samuroid army, Katana himself escaped the clutches.

Baron Katana The Flash Season 4 villain

In the comics, Baron Katan first appeared in 1968’s Flash Comic #180 and his abilities were robotic engineering. However, the entire existence of Katana was erased after the collapse of multi-verse in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In the photo released by CW, it seems that it is just a Samuroid soldier while some fans have theorized that it is actually Katana in that armor. Anyways, it has a lot of katana swords. In the promo, we saw this Samuroid facing off with Wally and Cisco along with the CCPD and Joe. Since he has straight away gone for Iris, it has now become very personal for Team Flash and they might require the services of Barry sooner than later.

We will initially see Wally West taking up the mantle of The Flash. This move by the producers of the show could be a good one and a bad one too. It could be good as the show is staying true to the comics and giving Wally West a chance to finally prove himself as a speedster totally capable of filling in Barry’s shoes. But eventually, they will need The Flash because the Samuroid warrior demands,

 Bring me the flash, or else your city falls.

the flash season 4 villain

As we all know that, The Flash showrunners derive their own story from the comics and don’t hesitate at moments to deviate from the major DC storylines, it would be interesting to see what they have in store with these samurai robot warriors.  The Samuroid threat could be an interesting one to kick start the Flash Season 4.

The Flash Season 4 is premiering tomorrow on the CW.  Do let us know what you think about the latest Flash villain.

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