5 Superhero Characters Who Aint Very Bright

Since comic books have lasted more than a century, there will be a few bad stupid characters along the way. While some evolve to cult status, some just leave you angry and frustrated at the stupidity of people putting the effort. Here are the 5 stupidest superhero characters of all time.

Bird Brain


Bird Brain was created by Animator, an insane geneticist who created Frankenstein-like creation with human and animal genes. The character has a good heart but like Star wars have Jar Jar Binks, Marvel also has a goofy character who cares more about eating food than interacting with his friend the New Mutants. Thankfully, the character was not continued with, because fans would rather see Wolverine eat chicken than see Bird Brain again.

3-D Man

This one makes you question if the writers at Marvel were working too hard and came up with a hero that makes sense at the time it was created but was forever questioned by everyone afterward, like wearing clothes that are too outdated. 3-D man only comes into existence when a pair of 3-D glasses are put on by Hal Chandler. The hero Chuck has been imprinted on the glasses after he catches radiation from a Skrull flying saucer.

Leather Boy


Leather boy, like his name, assures had a costume that was more S&M than the typical body suit. He didn’t have any super powers but had a huge chip on his shoulder when people pointed out that he didn’t have superpowers. He also dressed as Doctor Doom and killed Monkey Joe.

Matter Eater Lad

 5 Stupidest Superheroes Characters Of All Time

Matter-Eater Lad could eat everything solid to even air. This was a bit of a reaching character because he didn’t have any superpowers apart from eating everything. The gluttonous character was also not the most positive of characters if you were trying to control your eating habits.

Rainbow Girl

 5 Stupidest Superheroes Of All Time


Rainbow Girl was more of a mockery towards women’s stereotypes. The character’s powers came from her moods, harnessing powers from the emotional spectrum. So basically she was a moody girl who had moody powers who never used her physical strength to show she was more than just her emotions.

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