10 Batman Storylines That Fans Can Watch Again And Again

Batman undoubtedly has every trait to be called the best superhero of the DC universe. Here are some of the best storylines of the caped crusader:

The Killing Joke: Batman Killed Joker?

This is something that doesn’t look bad when read, but when one thinks about it, this was the last chance of Joker for getting redemption. Hereafter he torments Gordon and shoots Barbara and has had a fight with Batman, Bats asks him to come to the positive side, where he refuses, politely this time then tells Batsy a joke, well what’s surprising is that Batman actually laughs, showing a character drift to the dark protector of Gotham. The scene ends up with Batman killing him and breaking his NO KILL code.

Death In The Family: Robin’s Death

Out of everything that the Joker has done, killing Jason Todd was arguably the worst thing that he did. He traps the second Robin’s long-lost mother and when he comes to save her, beats him to a pulp, with a crowbar. Not just that, he leaves him there with a time bomb, and blows him up just before Batman can get there. Todd later returns as the Red Hood though.

Tower Of Babel: Can He Be Trusted?

Batman is known to be the one who’s prepared for all possibilities, this was the case in the arc, Justice League: Tower Of Babel, where the caped crusader had made all the contingency plans to stop every Justice League member, if they went rogue, these plans are stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul and used against the league. Though he’s stopped, the league now distrust the Bat, who even leaves the team for some time.

Emperor Joker

Well, Joker has taken more from Bats than anyone, no one else has the guts to chop the hands of Bruce’s butler, kill his protege, or kidnap the entire Bat-family, but the time when he actually killed the Bat himself was in Emperor Joker, where the clown had the powers of a God, that he and he tortured and killed and resurrected the Dark Knight every day.

Goddamn Batman: Psychopath’s Fetish

In this arc, the Goddamn Batman a sociopath Batman kills a lot of goons, what’s the worst part of this kills is that he kills these criminals by brutally burning them alive, completely going against his code. But that’s not the end of it, after this, he has sex with the Black Canary just a few meters away from the burning and screaming men. Talk about having no control.

The Return Of The Joker: Tim Drake’s Failed Recovery

He captures Tim Drake and makes him into believing that he is his son, invites Batman over to show how he actually killed Tim Drake’s identity and make him Joker Junior, by brainwashing his memories. He has beaten Batman and can kill him, but in order to have fun, he orders Tim to kill Batman who eventually kills him instead, scarred by all this, he himself turns into Joker when older.

The Dark Knight Returns: Batman VS Superman

Well, no mere mortal can even think of defeating the Man of Steel, except Luthor, who only thinks about it. But the Dark Knight has repeatedly defeated the Man of Steel, most notably in the film, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. Here in an old Batman can be seen fighting Supes, with a single-handed (literally) Green Arrow on his side. Bats is in an armored suit, who then makes Superman shit his pants, and in the end, fakes his own death.

Knightfall: Broken Back, Broken Soul

Batman here had come in after a long night of fighting criminals. Bane who has discovered Bats’ identity is waiting for him at his place. Here the two have a really good hand to hand combat session, Bats is nowhere even close to the mind-boggling venomous strength of Bane but still tries his best, but in the end, is bested by the big Bane who doesn’t just easily defeat Batman but breaks him. Body and soul. The back-breaking scene here is pretty famous and the entire moment was also used in Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.

Under Red Hood: Apprentice Turned Killer

Jason Todd, after coming out of the Lazarus Pit after the Joker apparently killed him was a totally different person. He was no longer the same sidekick Boy Wonder, he’s new came and made a name for himself as the Red Hood. H used to handle the city’s crime in his own way, which also involved beheading criminals. This truly shook Batman, as though he was not dead but Todd was no longer the same person.

The Killing Joke: Barbara’s Sufferings


Gordon has probably lost the most to the chaos-loving Joker. But so has Batman, Gordon was his accomplice and Babs, his Batgirl. Here, the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (James Gordon’s daughter) in the stomach, crippling her forever. He does this to drive Gordon crazy and make him cross the line. Gordon doesn’t give in though and Barbara also becomes the Oracle after this incident, but still, this was a very evil deed.

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