8 Top Celebrity Habits That Will Leave You In A Shock

We as a whole have impossible to miss schedules and propensities, some of which we may be excessively humiliated, making it impossible to concede. Notwithstanding, there’s some solace in realizing that everybody has an abnormal propensity or two – even the celebrity that we worship and appreciate.

The following are 8 fascinating and unusual VIP propensities. Some of them are essentially bits of gossip, yet they’re sufficient to make you think – or possibly grin. Look at the famous people with most bizarre every day and daily schedules underneath – Maybe you’ll even find that you impart an abnormal propensity to one of your most loved stars.

 1) David Beckham


David Beckham may appear like the ideal example of a man, yet he has a couple of odd propensities up his sleeve – or only a couple of them. Here’s the manner in which he portrayed it for ITV1: “I have this over the top urgent issue where I need to have everything in a straight line or everything must be in sets. I’ll put my Pepsi jars in the ice chest and if there’s one an excessive number of then I’ll place it in another organizer some place.”

2) Eminem


Eminem can just rest in a totally dim room. In lodging rooms, he makes the staff pass out the majority of the windows totally.

3) Catherine Zeta


To keep her grin white, Catherine Zeta-Jones brushes her teeth with a glue produced using strawberries.

4) Elon Musk

celebrity habits

The Tesla Motors and SpaceX originator used to drink up to eight jars of Diet Coke, on top of his typical some espresso, every last day. Presently, he has removed caffeine totally. Be that as it may, he’s still known as a night owl.

5) Bill Gates


Charge Gates has a propensity for perusing before going to bed. What does he read? Memoirs, books on theory, and periodicals. He likewise likes to get precisely seven hours of rest every night.

6) Arianna Huffington


Two years subsequent to propelling the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington fell from fatigue. From that point forward, she has banned every electronic gadget from her room and tries to get no less than eight hours of rest each night.

7) Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs had some peculiar dietary patterns. Gossip has it that he got a kick out of the chance to eat the same correct sustenances, numerous days consecutively. He likewise ate such a large number of carrots that his skin turned orange. His logic was likewise that you can decrease stench by the kind of nourishment you eat.

8) Barrack Obama


Obama is said to have resuscitated the “night-owl administration,” once in a while working past 2 am. As per a few sources, it’s the main genuine open door he needs to loosen up and really be distant from everyone else.

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