10 Most Shocking One Night Stands In The Superhero Movies

One night stands in the superhero movies is a strange thing to see but many superhero movie makers have dared to incorporate this aspect into the films. But most superhero movies try to avoid this aspect especially, MCU movies stay away from showing bold stuff in their movies. One of the major reasons for avoiding this is to get the mass reach that includes children as well. But some studios didn’t shy away from including a naughty sequence in their movies. Here’s a list:

Mystique and Magneto

In X-Men:  First Class, Mystique was attracted towards Beast who was attracted to her human form rather than her blue form which kind of hurt her. After which she tries to seduce (kind of) Erik Lehnsherr by taking different forms. He tells her that she looks most beautiful when in her true blue form. After which it’s implied that they had a one night stand.

Batman and Vicki Vale

The first encounter between Batman and Vicki Vale is more kind of a textbook case as both were drunk. Although Vicki was completely drunk, Bruce was in control (he kind of faked it) when they slept together. After which, Bruce showed his emotional immaturity and blew her off but she put her sincere efforts and didn’t let him get rid of her. They managed to work out their relationship in the first movie (at least).

Batman and Talia Al Ghul

After the death of his childhood sweetheart, Rachel Dawes, Bruce spent his next eight years moping over her death until he meets a business woman, Miranda Tate in The Dark Knight Rises. He ends up having sex with her but later it turned out that the woman was actually the daughter of villain Ra’s Al Ghul.

Superman and Lorelei Ambrosia

Lorelei Ambrosia was the mistress of villain Ross Webster in Superman III. In an interesting twist, Superman was turned into a jerk due to a synthetic kryptonite. She tries to seduce Superman to make him sink an oil ship that Webster wanted out of the picture. After she was saved by him on the Statue of Liberty, they go to her place where she gets him to sink the ship. Later, she offers him champagne which he denies and chooses to have her instead. After Supes get rid of his kryptonite issue, he no longer remembers spending time with Ambrosia.

Batman and Batgirl

In the movie The Killing Joke, Batman and Batgirl had a one night stand before she was shot dead by Joker in front of her father, Commissioner Gordon. The movie was criticized over the years for using Barbara Gordon as a prop in the story than an actual character.

Hancock and a Groupie

In a deleted scene from the movie, the title character had sex with a groupie. Although he warned her about the consequences, she ignores them and indulges in a raunchy session. When he was about to hit the orgasm, he throws her off of him and when he releases he ends up creating holes in the roof which freaks her out and she runs away. It’s really an odd scene and deserves to be cut out from the movie.

Wolverine and Mariko

After Wolverine saves Mariko from an attempted kidnapping while in Japan, they grew close and they even spent a night together. But due to the situation where she has to take over her family business, they have to part their ways leaving their time just as “one-night” encounter.

Daredevil and Elektra

In the movie, Daredevil, which came in 2003, there was a make-out session in the rain between Daredevil and Elektra. The scene later turns into a proper love-making scene in the Matt Murdock’s bed.

Wolverine and Silver Fox

The age doesn’t matter if you are a Vampire or Wolverine! The hot session between Wolverine and SilverFox in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the proof for that. He was born in the 1800s and there was an age gap of over 190 years between them. Although this didn’t make the scene look less romantic, it was really hot.

Silk Spectre and Night Owl

Most Shocking One Night Stands
Most Shocking One Night Stands

This is the hottest and one of the most shocking one night stands in a superhero movie featuring Silk Spectre and Night Owl in Watchmen while hovering in a spaceship over a highly populated city. It was so raunchy that you can compare it with an explicit scene of an 18+ movie. To add more spark to the hot scene, the song Hallelujah was played in the background.

Which is your favorite out of these one night stands? Comment below!

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