10 Things To Expect from the Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

With only one episode left in this season of Game of Thrones we are excited to find out what happens next and can’t wait for the weekend. This has been the season of reunions and some great action moments. The stakes are high for the finale and the trailer has only left us asking for more. The trailer does not drive to any conclusions and shows snippets of different things that will happen in the episode. This is good because HBO is trying to increase the suspense by not giving away much. Still, there are things we can expect looking at the trailer.

The Return of Grey Worm:

After having a romantic encounter with Missandei, the grim faced leader of the unsullied was shown frustrated when he attacked Casterly Rock and things didn’t unfold the way he wanted. Grey Worm disappeared after the Casterly Rock fiasco and the season finale might show his return and there might be some good action too.

Euron protecting King’s Landing:

As Dany sends her fleet of ships towards King’s landing, it looks like she is in for a naval surprise. Euron Greyjoy has been the wild card in this season and he might show some battle tactics in the finale or there might just be a show of power.

Unsullied and Dothraki at Highgarden:

From one scene it looks like the unsullied and the Dothraki army have marched to some castle. It could either be King’s Landing or Highgarden and from what we have seen from the episode ‘the Queen’s justice’, this looks like Highgarden.

There could be a combat:

From a scene it looks like all these people have assembled in a big open space which almost reminds us of the place where the combat between the mountain and the viper took place. So will there be a combat in this episode and if yes then who could it be?

Meeting of the Clegane brothers:

From a brief scene we can make out that the Hound is part of the company that has gone to King’s Landing to meet Cersei. Cersei will surely be accompanied by the mountain so that could mean that the Clegane brothers might come face to face.

Sansa might die:

The trailer shows Sansa alone and isolated and from what we learned in this season’s teaser “the lone wolf dies and the pack survives”. So is Sansa being left alone in this episode and will have to survive without the other Starks? Seeing that Arya is capable of protecting herself and Bran is in another world, Sansa does seem like the most vulnerable wolf right now.

Jon discovering he is a dragon:

Could this episode have Jon discovering his parentage? It is possible if we also think about the title of the episode here. The episode will surely be amazing if that finally happens even though the trailer is not giving anything away. Seeing that the finale will have some jaw dropping moments, it is possible that this revelation is also made.

Cersei is up to something:

Many characters have headed to the meeting place and we know Cersei would have something planned for them. There is a reason Cersei agreed to meet her enemies and chose a place that could have some strategic advantage for her. In the finale of season 6 Cersei had a big fiery surprise for the world, hopefully this won’t be the case this time.

Dany and Jon getting together:

The episode title is ‘The wolf and the dragon’ and this is making us wonder whether Dany and Jon finally fall in love now. The relationship is incestuous but we can’t help shipping them. It could also mean that Jon and Dany unite against Cersei.

Meeting of the ‘Big 3’?Game of Thrones

The trailer has shown Cersei and Jon but Dany is nowhere to be seen though there is a possibility that she might enter later. So the three biggest players in Westeros could finally come face to face in the finale. If that happens then it will surely be an epic moment and something highly anticipated. This would definitely make for a great episode and we can just keep our fingers crossed.

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