8 Worst Things That Have Happened To Man of Steel

Man of Steel is a sad character when it comes to what all has happened to the dude in life. Since his birth the character has had a rough ride, while still being the Boy Scout, the character has also been made to do a lot of weird stuff. Here is a list of the shittiest stuff that has happened to Man of Steel:

Superman Made To Kill Lois and His Unborn Child

Under the influence of the drug of the Scarecrow, given to Supes by the Joker, the Man Of Steel kills Lois thinking of her to be Doomsday. What was worse than he, out of his mind yet again, when comes to his senses, he realizes that there are two heartbeats coming from the body of the woman. The second of his unborn child who he killed. This further results in 5 million people dying in Metropolis, as a bomb was triggered by Lois’ death.

Couldn’t Stop The Destruction of Metropolis

Whenever two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. This statement was held true when in Man of Steel, Superman and General Zod go at it, the two fight it out until Supes has to kill Zod, before which what went down was a lot of buildings and hundreds of lives. Not just this, once more Luthor set off his robots to destroy Metropolis, whilst he himself wore an armor and fought Supes.

His Home Was Destroyed, Yet Again

The bottled city of Kandor was Superman’s home that survived the destruction. When Supes took that back from Brainiac and let it be a planet again, Zod sitting there wanted more and clashed with the Earthlings. A clone of Luthor, along with Metallo and Reactron was sent to Kandor, where Luthor caused Reactron, a kryptonite-powered villain to explore and hence destroy the whole planet, killing thousands and thousands of civilians.

Made To Shoot A Porno

Okay, this is out rightly disgusting. Superman and Big Barda shoot a porno. What’s even worse is that Barda’s spouse is watching them through a window enraged. To the comic’s defense they both were mind controlled but still, this storyline clearly showed how bonkers could the writers go.

Died At The Hands of Doomsday

Doomsday, as the name suggests is Superman’s Doomsday. He was created in order to kill Superman, which he even did bring probably the biggest shock of all in the comics when the seemingly unbreakable Superman died. He and Doomsday go all out, and it is in their final blow that they strike towards each other, having all their energy, which hits both at the same time with such intensity that at the end of the battle Doomsday is dead, and Superman dies a heroic death in the arms of Lois Lane.

Beaten By Batman

Well, no mere mortal can even think of defeating the Man of Steel, except Luthor, who only thinks about it. But the Dark Knight has repeatedly defeated the Man of Steel, most notably in the film, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’. Here in an old Batman can be seen fighting Supes, with a single handed (literally) Green Arrow on his side. Bats is in an armored suit, who then makes Superman shit his pants, and in the end, fakes his own death.

Death of Supergirl

supergirlSuperman’s cousin’s death at the time of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, at the time of DC Reboot because of the vice-president saying that she didn’t add much to the Kryptonian stories and was not a great character. What’s worse is that in the DC Reboot only Superman was the one who survived the Kryptonian crisis and hence she existed no more. Whatever may be done to her is different, but Supergirl’s death sure made a grave impact on Superman’s life. He was left devastated, and the same could be seen on the cover of Crisis On Infinite Earths too.

Krypton’s Destruction

man of steelOf course, this had to be the number one point on this list. Superman’s home planet, Krypton died before even Supes was born. Destroyed in front of him, his home world was tried to be saved from its very people by his father Jor-El as well as his mother, who were leading scientists on the planet. Even after their tremendous efforts, the planet died, and Superman had to fit in with the people of Earth.

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