7 Things Every Fan Wants To See In The Flashpoint

Ever since it has been announced that the first Flash movie is, in fact, going to be called FLASHPOINT, people have become really hyped about it since they have always wanted to see this iconic storyline from the comics come to life. The animated movie made on this storyline, ‘Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox’ nailed the interpretation of this storyline and the same is expected from the live-action movie. Here are the things we want in the movie.

Cyborg: The Leader of Resistance

Even though ‘Paradox’ has not been announced yet, we are expecting it to be similar to that and in that plotline, Cyborg has a relationship with the President and is the leader of the Resistance, a team of Superheroes that are trying to stop the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Cyborg is the one who initiates the attempt to stop the war that is going to end mankind.

Captain Deathstroke

Deathstroke takes to the high-seas in Flashpoint. Slade Wilson leads a team of super powered mercenaries to search for a secret Atlantean weapon and destroy it. While he may have ruthless tactics, he’s one of the main lines of defense fighting back possible global destruction. Deathstroke after being introduced in The Batman movie would be a great addition to the movie.

Superman Project

One of the biggest changes in the Flashpoint world is the fact that Kal-El never became Superman. Instead of being found by the loving Kents, he was found by the military and immediately carted away into secrecy. He doesn’t grow up with the rays of the sun powering his body so his body growth stunts and his muscles never develop. Here, Kal-El isn’t a hero — he’s just an alien tired of being experimented on. He has a big impact on the story at the end.

Amazons v Atlanteans

Amazons and Atlanteans are two big cultural groups in the history of the DC universe and usually co-exist peacefully. But, in Flashpoint storyline, they are at war and risk the entire world’s existence. Aquaman and Wonder Woman once engage in an intimate relationship which Mera sees and then tries to confront Diana. Diana in return decapitates her head and sends it to Aquaman which enrages him and starts the War.

Batman and Joker

In this storyline, it is Bruce Wayne who is murdered in the alley and Thomas Wayne becomes the Batman in order to fight crime. His wife after the horrific death of her son loses control and becomes the Joker. The actors who played Thomas and Martha, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan are already excited for their roles if they are brought in. it would be really great to see them being added to the movie.

The Reverse Flash


The Reverse Flash is the biggest enemy of the Flash and is the most iconic villain the Flash has ever faced. As the story progresses, we find out that all this mayhem that has been caused, the change in the original reality and the creation of an alternate reality is actually caused by the Reverse Flash and it would be great to see something like this in the movie.

A compelling Flash story

Even though we want all these events in the movie, we still want to keep its main focus on the story of Barry Allen. He actually loses his powers in the Flashpoint Paradox and is not the Flash in this reality. This movie could actually give us the origin of Flash which the DCEU was not going to give us because, in order to become the Flash once again, Barry recreates the experiment that gave him his powers in the original reality accidentally. He is the one who can turn the tides and make things normal once again, saving the end of mankind.

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