Wolverine vs Deadpool: Who Will Win The Battle of The Mutants

Wolverine vs Deadpool: The Battle of the mutants

We all want to see is the fight against our favorite mutant, Wolverine and the merc with a mouth, Deadpool. Well, what we got in X-Men origins should not be considered as a fight at all as Deadpool was turned into a pile of Garbage in that movie. We all want Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to take on the current version of Deadpool. Now it is not going to happen so let’s just assume and determine that Wolverine vs Deadpool who would win that if the two were to end up in a brawl.


James Howlett aka Logan/Wolverine is our favorite mutant, thanks to Hugh Jackman who played the character for 17 years. He is a mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, powerful regenerative ability known as a healing factor, and three retractable bone claws in each hand.

His animistic senses allow him to see, smell and hear threat from far away and be ready for it. His claws which come out of his hands are the most brutal weapons that he has.

He was experimented upon and the strongest metal on earth, The adamantium was added to his body. His skeleton and claws were fully covered with Adamantium making him a man made up of metal and flesh. Along with the adamantium in his body, the claws and the healing factor, he becomes one of the strongest mutants within the X-men Universe.


Wade Wilson was a mutant mercenary and an anti-hero who killed for money. He was diagnosed with cancer throughout his body and would have died. But he then similar to Wolverine was experimented upon and Wolverine’s healing factor was transmitted to him.

In the process of curing him, his body got really burnt and looked ugly but he got a healing factor. Along with that, he is a master swordsman and marksman. He also gains the ability to teleport. Along with all these powers and skills, he has one more ability, i.e. his remarkable sense of humor which he constantly uses to distract his opponents and entertain everyone around. He is actually immortal and can even regenerate from just one single cell of his body. Wolverine’s healing ability is not that strong.

Wolverine vs Deadpool: Death Battle

While both these mutants are pretty similar to each other, comparing their powers would not give us an end result as both of them would regenerate from the attacks of each other so the battle might be endless.

Wolverine and Deadpool have five times in the comics, so Wolverine vs Deadpool, let’s check out what happened there and who won.

In Wolverine #88, Deadpool and Wolverine get into a fight that would entail a few grudges to be held. Wolverine has proven himself to be a tactical fighter (he has trained with the best in Japan and other parts of the world) but Deadpool was just too wily of a distraction for him to really focus on the fight alone.

Wade Wilson goaded him enough to see anger him and that was his fatal flaw. While he did get a few blows in, Deadpool ultimately stabbed Logan with two blades into his lungs. Wolverine, who is known for his fast healing was not a 100% during that fight and that was why Deadpool got off stitch free.

Deadpool – 1

The next time that Wolverine encountered Deadpool for a tussle, the mutant did not fall for Wade’s earlier tricks.

In Cable & Deadpool #44, the duo dukes it out in a straight on a match which ends with Wolverine being the victor. This time, the hero made full advantage of the adamantium claws he had and used it to show the Merc who was the boss in the fighting ring.

Wolverine – 1

In Deadpool #27, Deadpool took on Wolverine for a fight just so that he could keep his head on straight. The Merc was suffering from major hallucinations so he went to a doctor called Doctor Bong.

The medical professional, was unlike any other doctor as he prescribed Wade take on a superhero for a fight. Wade, of course, chooses Wolverine who had previously owned his ass. All this just so Wade could have his piece of mind back.

Deadpool – 2

In Wolverine: Origins #21-25, Wolverine and Deadpool battle it out over eight issues which Wolverine ended up being the victor in. Wade had elaborated a silly plan which irked the X-Man to high levels of irritability. But since all of them were comical of the sort, Wolverine ended up having the upper hand much to the surprise of Deadpool.

Wolverine – 2

Wolverine and Deadpool have five times in the comics, so Wolverine vs Deadpool, let’s check out what happened there and who won.

In Wolverine #154-155, Wolverine makes the mistake of holding back against Deadpool, who like Logan has an insane regenerative healing factor.

Wolverine ends up not killing the Merc but it doesn’t take long for Wade to act and knocks out the X-Men member with tranquilizers and knocked him out cold.

Deadpool – 3

So, the final verdict would be that Deadpool won over Wolverine by the score of 3-2. And rightly so because he is immortal and Wolverine, as we saw, is Logan is not. So, he would be the last man standing probably, even though it takes him a lot of time to regenerate fully.

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