4 Bad-Ass Black Female Characters From Marvel and DC Comics

Racism was its peak during the time comics came, and comics in their own fashion tried to take on Racism during the anti-racists movements in the United States and worldwide. They did so in their comic bookish way, one such case was introducing black female characters, and to have women empowerment too. here is a list of top five female characters from the comic book universe:


The storm is one of the oldest members of the X-Men and the Principal of the ‘Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters’ She, as we all know can control the weather. Ororo has also been the wife of the king of Wakanda, T’Challa, the Black Panther. She is someone that the team can bank upon in times of need.


dc vixen flash arrow

Mari Jiwe McCabe popularly known as the Vixen with her amulet has the powers of the entire animal kingdom. She has been the girlfriend of the green lantern and a great member of the Justice League. After ending her superhero career she became an animal rights activist.



She was DC’s first Black Female Characters. Started out as a fake, she later became a real superhero. She has a mechanized suit that grants her powers even making her a great ally of the Teen Titans. Not just that she’s a senior research engineer granting her, even more, help in her field.


Black Female Characters

Nubia is Wonder Woman’s sister. She is a dark-skinned Amazonian warrior and has been depicted as a long-lost twin to Diana. Both she and Diana were formed by Hippolyta, one from dark clay and one from light. She is brainwashed and made to fight her sister. Not just that she is the Wonder Woman of Earth 23 and a Justice League member of that Earth.

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