5 Tips for a Future Hitchhiker

Travelling on a low budget (or any budget) is the dilemma of every person thinking to go on a vacation and deciding not to spend a fortune. Costs related to trip not only include transportation, they also refer to accommodation, food, local transport, therefore, a whole range of necessities that need to be accomplished in order for the trip to go as planned. Hitchhiking is one of the solutions that can get you from A to B with less money or no money at all, making your trip to a location a whole journey of its own. Of course, there are a few starting points that should be taken into consideration when engaging in a hitchhiking experience.


future hitchhiker
Tip 1 for a Future Hitchhiker

Preparing your journey in advance should be a first thing to do by a hitchhiker. If you’re travelling on a long distance, there is a small chance you will find a driver that will drive you all the way to your destination. You can predict your trip and choose the points you want to stop in for the next drive. If you have a smartphone, it will be easier to complete a map in Google’s MyMaps, but marking your locations on a classic map will be as useful. Moreover, you can also prepare the location signs, on which you can write down your destination. It is like a searching filter for drivers to see if you’re going their direction.



future hitchhiker
Tip 2 for a Future Hitchhiker

Even if theoretically speaking you can hitchhike anywhere, there are specific points in a city where you can actually have success in a short amount of time. First of all, you should go at the edge of the city, where cars can easily stop and where you are visible. Within the city, there is a high chance you get passed by, plus there are parking restrictions. Even at the edge of town, you should wait for a car where the driver can park it without blocking the traffic, somewhere like a gas station. Moreover, if you’re hitchhiking at night (though it isn’t recommended because you will have fewer chances of finding a car), you should wait in a lighted area.



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Tip 3 for a Future Hitchhiker

Whether you plan your vacation for 5 days or 5 weeks, if you’re going hitchhiking, you should limit to only a backpack. Imagine that your luggage is like a searching filter for the driver. No driver with a full trunk will be able to take you if you have a luggage the size of your body. Even a 60L backpack can take a lot of space, therefore, a medium pack can do the trick. It is not only a recommendation for clearing out a driver’s space, it is also a thing you should do for your spine as it may get uncomfortable to carry around a huge backpack your entire vacation.


Making your luggage

future hitchhiker
Tip 4 for a Future Hitchhiker

We’ve to settle upon the importance of having a small baggage when hitchhiking. As you will have little space to deposit your clothing, you should think about the essential things you will use on your trip. As far as clothing is concerned, watching the weather forecast before leaving is mandatory. Depending on the temperature and on the weather phenomenon, you will know how to dress accordingly, therefore, what type of cloths to carry with you. In any case, don’t go crazy with stacking lots of clothing items as you. Most cities have washing and drying point where you can have your cloths cleaned.



future hitchhiker
Tip 5 for a Future Hitchhiker

One of the best parts of hitchhiking is the one where you get to meet new people. It is only obvious that when you travel a long distance with someone, you will want to engage in a conversation in order to make time pass by. As a matter of fact, socializing is one of the reasons why drivers stop to take hitchhikers, to make their journey more pleasant. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, just pop out some casual questions, without getting intimate, something like “Where are you going?”, “What are you working?” or “What are your hobbies?”.


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