Battle of The Hybrids: Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat – Who Will Win?

In our next installment of the Hybrid Superhero Showdown-Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat, we bring you four of the most popular superheroes of the current times and mash them up together to give you all new, all-powerful SOB’s that can make the world run in circles around them if they are having a bad day. What’s more, you ask?? We make them fight of course!! And we also have with us a possible scenario to identify the winner of this latest Hybrid Death Battle.

Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat

We have here today two Superhero Mash-Ups, each being an amalgam of two superheroes one each from DC and Marvel.  We have Ghost Bat – a combination of Ghost Rider and Batman and Winter Flash – a combination of Winter Soldier and The Flash. This battle is gonna be DARK!!! Before we find out who will win this battle, let’s see what cards each has up their sleeves.

Ghost Rider

The Battle hardened Ghost Rider is not someone to be taken lightly. Many fans even consider the Rider as the most powerful being in existence. The only guy who can best him in battle is said to be God. That is how strong he is. Once Zarathos possesses an individual he believes is the perfect example of a tormented soul, he bounds himself with him and becomes the new Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider can control hellfire, makes its wielder possess the Penance Stare (something that has taken down even Galactus), give you magical and psychic immunity along with a host of other superhuman physical attributes.

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I think it is better to not introduce this guy to anyone. Giving an intro for Batman is an affront to the sanctity of comic book superheroes. As the most famous superhero ever, Batman has gone up against every metahuman in existence in the DC Universe and lived to tell the tale. Superman, perhaps the strongest being in the Universe, considers Batman as the most dangerous man alive. Batman is not just an assassin in skin tights. He is also well versed in several dozen technical disciplines like Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Neuro-science. He is also a proficient martial artist, one the best in DC, Escape artist, master tactician and a talented strategist.

Enter the Ghost Bat

The Ghost Bat will have the powers of each individual superhero but none of their flaws. The Ghost Bat will be a dark, intense superhero with an affinity for a violent brand of justice. The Ghost Bat will have access to the powers of Zarathos as well as the massive resources and skills of the Batman.

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes used to be Captain America’s Sidekick in World War 2. The he was captured by Soviet Agents (In the MCU, it was Hydra), trained to the teeth in all forms of Combat and then converted into the world’s greatest assassin. Bucky Barnes also possesses a Metal Arm. The Arm makes him somewhat superhuman, granting him superhuman strength. Bucky is also a proficient martial artist, espionage expert and saboteur extraordinaire.

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The Flash

It is the Wally West version of the Flash we are talking about here. The Flash can literally run a thousand circles around you even before you could say STOP!! For the Flash, the Finish Line is never too far, no matter how far it is. Tapping into the Speed Force, Wally can run even faster than the speed of Light. The Flash can also run back in time, vibrate him to phase through objects, has accelerated healing and immune to psychic attacks.

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Say Hello to the Winter Flash

Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat

The thing about the Flash is that he behaves like a Goody Two Shoes. No matter how evil, the Flash will never kill the enemy, or at least try not to. Winter Soldier doesn’t have that problem. If you combine the Flash and Winter Soldier together, you get a superfast remorseless killer with an unbreakable arm and a killer left hook and he won’t think twice before snapping your neck.

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The Showdown – Winter Flash vs Ghost Bat

Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat

As soon as the Fight between the two breaks out, the Winter Flash will be the first to pull a punch or two on Ghost Bat’s face before the latter has enough time to make his skull go up in flames. The Ghost Bat will still take several punches from the Winter Flash before the Hell Fire catches up to him. This is where it gets interesting.

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Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat
Winter Flash Vs Ghost Bat

The thing about the Ghost Rider is, it doesn’t matter how fast or skilled you are, as he always finds a way. One thing that even makes this an unfair fight for Winter Flash is the fact that the one controlling the Spirit of Vengeance will be Batman, a guy who is so paranoid he has contingencies for absolutely everything which probably also includes speedsters. The Winter Flash will make it a hard time for Ghost Bat to grab a hold of him, but the moment he does (which he undoubtedly will), the fight will be over.

Ghost Bat wins this one!!!

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