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    Leonardo DiCaprio Saved A Drowning Man On His Vacation

    Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably the best actor currently working in Hollywood. He is the one to make it huge every year! The dedication he puts into his roles is just inspiring. But you may not know that he is an even more inspiring human being. His acceptance speech when he won Best Actor at the Oscars for The Revenant was…

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  • NewsTips for a future hitchhiker

    5 Tips for a Future Hitchhiker

    Travelling on a low budget (or any budget) is the dilemma of every person thinking to go on a vacation and deciding not to spend a fortune. Costs related to trip not only include transportation, they also refer to accommodation, food, local transport, therefore, a whole range of necessities that need to be accomplished in order for the trip to…

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  • Newstravelling lowbudget

    5 Tips for Travelling on a Low Budget

    For most people, going on vacation is the most expected event of the year. While some prefer to simply stay at home and recharge their batteries for the next year, others decide to take a break from it all while travelling on new grounds. As exciting as it may sound, the last option is always strongly discussed, as vacations usually…

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  • UncategorizedDon't forget Vacation Planning

    Going for a Vacation? Don’t Forget the Essentials

    Are you planning a vacation lately? Well I want u to take a look at the following essentials because nobody wants to go to a different country and think Oh My God! Where the hell is my toothbrush: P Do check the weather before packing You don’t want to go somewhere sunny with all your sweaters pack, well that would…

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