Leonardo DiCaprio Saved A Drowning Man On His Vacation

Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably the best actor currently working in Hollywood. He is the one to make it huge every year! The dedication he puts into his roles is just inspiring. But you may not know that he is an even more inspiring human being. His acceptance speech when he won Best Actor at the Oscars for The Revenant was quite moving. He started off with thanking everyone, but then took the stage to actually raise his voice about the more critical matters of the world such as Global Warming. It’s clear what a caring human being Leo is.

And now, the latest tale of Leo’s heroics suggests that he rescued a drowning man in the Caribbean while he was on his New Year’s vacation. Apparently, while he was amongst friends at the tail end of December, he got to know that an unfamiliar person had fallen overboard from a cruise ship in St. Barts. Upon receiving the distress signal, the legend set sail & began to search for the drowning man in his own boat. Thankfully, Leo and his friends found the man around a 26 Nautical-Miles from where he fell off. Reports suggest that the man was brought on board by Leo & his friends.

After that the actor served the man some food & beverages and then took the suffering man to the coast guard to be checked by the authorities. Well, it just wasn’t his day to die. Imagine a situation where you’re about to die and your idol, one of the most well respected people steps in to save you. It is a fairy tale story. Or rather in today’s world, it is a Superhero story! Leo is a superhero. He has surely learned a few tricks after Titanic.

Vansh Mehra

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