4 People With Actual ‘Superpowers’

What if we were born with the super-speed power, the laser power to vanish everything in one shot and the ability to fly and reach everywhere in a fraction of seconds. In real life, we generally compare and talk about strong hearing abilities, strong intellectual power, and other multiple human abilities. You may not know that there are some exceptions who actually have superpowers. Here, we are counting down on four real people with actual superpowers.

1.Veronica Seider – Super Sight


Veronica Seider was blessed with super sight powers which redefined the way humans have used their sighting ability so far. Born in West-Germany in 1951, Seider could actually spot a person from a mile and more. Moreover, she was able to pick the pixels on a television set. Generally, a person can barely read from a 20-feet distance.

2. Kim Peek – Speed Reading


What reminds us about when we talk about speed reading? Of Course, our speedster Flash. Kim Peek is the one who has an incredible ability to read the text and is 98% accurate about the facts he reads. He suffered from a medical condition that made him a ‘readster’. In a report, Times reported that he had read 12,000 books which are way huge than an average person’s readability power.

3. Daniel Browning Smith – Super Flexibility


This reminds us of Reed Richards from Fantastic Four. Well, Daniel Browning Smith doesn’t have the ability the stretch his body parts like Richards, but he has the ability to twist himself into incredible knots and can bring his ankles behind his back. He is also called rubber boy. His collagen disorder makes him flexible.

4. Stephen Wiltshire – Super Recalling

super superpowers

Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic British architectural artist, whose recalling and imagination abilities challenge the general human imagination. He can draw a picture so well that it could look like a photograph. Once, he took a helicopter ride over the New York city and sketched out a drawing showing every detail of the city.

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