Going for a Vacation? Don’t Forget the Essentials

Are you planning a vacation lately? Well I want u to take a look at the following essentials because nobody wants to go to a different country and think Oh My God! Where the hell is my toothbrush: P

Do check the weather before packing

Weather Before Planning vacation
Check Weather

You don’t want to go somewhere sunny with all your sweaters pack, well that would be a misery. You would say it will make happy memories… but the memories would also be sweaty along with funny! Eeew. So before packing kindly take a minute to check the weather reports with our very well know GoogleBaba. If it’s a tropical region take mosquito repellent cream with you as a must and an umbrella.

Don’t get too carried away by a dress…. Just saying

forget dress

Plan you bag according to your itinerary. Biggest dilemma of a girl’s life is to pack some out of few. Few because a girl wardrobe never have enough clothes and from those few clothes we have to select only some. What if there will be a party? What if there will be two parties, what if she gets to meet her favorite star? What she meets a classmate she always wanted to look better from?? (even though we know all of the above situations never actually takes place). Mostly girls pack something of which there is no use of, just because that dress is TOO CUTE to be left out!

Carry separate bag for your papers and docs

Carry a waist bag or something handy, like a money bag, which you will never forget, it should be a little spacious and comfortable to carry around. You should be able to carry your important documents in it or a few bucks to hang around town!

Don’t forget the glasses!

Watching something in photographs or on TV and experiencing the same thing live, makes all the difference in the world!!! So, just don’t forget to take the spectacles or lenses with you. Also, carry your sunglasses with you, because you don’t want to be a left out in sunglasses groupfie! Select a pair of sunglasses which suits your face type, because you don’t want a sunglass bigger than your face.

A major necessity: CHARGER

forget the charger

Nowadays, it’s fine if you forget a pair of clothes at home, but a CHARGER! A big NO! Half of your life stops there. What would you do if you are in emergency situation and battery runs out? Something amazing, something out of the blue happens and phones is not charged enough to take all the photos!! Well then, start requesting people to send all those photos. Well for a backup. It is advised to carry a power bank with you it is cheaply available in stores.

 Some quick drying towels and an unbreakable mirror

When there is time to leave the room on your vacation but your towels are still wet, your first thought is I wish I could leave them here, because if you carry them they’ll leave your bag with an unusual smell in your other clothes too. So some quick drying towel with soft fabric will help you to travel tension free. Also, carry an unbreakable mirror in your purse or in your travelling bag so that in case you’ve to get ready at a place which lacks basic amenities you still can.!

Not too many heels

Forget the heels

Heels are always a fashion statement for girls. Well, I am talking too much in reference to girls because you if a male reader will be referring it ultimately to your wife, mother, girlfriend (if not please do). So as I said heels is always a fashion statement, but it’s not advisable to wear heels on trekking or beach. Go for a pair of funky sneakers, they are always in trend! You should also carry a pair of comfort slippers to wear it when your toes give up.

A great pyjama set

Same as slippers, a night clothes set or a pair of pyjama is a must. After a hectic day when you come to your room you don’t want to sleep in tight jeans or a short tight skirt. The good sleep of night gives you a brighter next day.

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