List of the Top 5 Kannada Movies of 2015

Indian cinema is more about the flamboyance than the flair, but every year there comes few gems that trigger the thinking cap of the general movie goer. 2015 has ended and few Bollywood films had taken the Box office by storm, but there were few films which are made but fail to reach a pan India audience due to the language barrier. But with the advent of internet era this barrier is slowly narrowing. We have compiled a list of best 5 Kannada movies of 2015.

Listing down a few gems from the Kannada film industry that captured the imagination of people all over, in the year 2015.




It is the Story of a novelist, Gautam who prefers to live in solitude in a remote location in OOTY. The title of Gautam’s latest novel is Rangitaranga, the term having a link to his past. Enter Indu, a good natured girl who does the cover for Gautam’s novels.

Sandhya is a journalist who is in search of an anonymous writer going by the pen name “ANASHKU”. Circumstances lead Gautam to Indu’s ancestral village in Kamarottu.

Gautam faces some unforeseen occurrences and starts investigating into those incidents. His behavior irks the powerful man in the village. Meanwhile, Sandhya arrives in Kamarottu. And then slowly the mystery unfolds with a lot of twist and turns.

The film opened to overwhelming response from both critics and the crowd.


To top it all, Bollywood filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker announced the remaking the film in Hindi.




The film is a psychological thriller, directed and acted in the lead by Upendra. The movie is a sequel to his super hit movie released in 1999 by the same name UPPI.

The story goes like this, a person called Neenu (Upendra) lives a jolly life without a care for the future or past. He believes that this is the only way to achieve Khusi, implying happiness. The actress has been implied as Khusi in the movie. The movie has a lot of unconventional and thought provoking approaches towards life and it clicks with the audience.


The movie brought forward positive response from the audience and Upendra received a lot of rave reviews for his acting performance.




The movie is partly a type of romantic movie in which rich-girl-meets-poor-boy and partly road movie taking the turn of a thriller movie. Two Young lovers, with the police hot on their pursuit escape on a roller coaster ride of a road trip.

The movie received amazing response for the realistic treatment and superb acting from the cast and has been helmed as one of director Soori’s finest movies.




Naanu Avanalla…Avalau meaning (I am not He…but She) is a tribute to lives and difficulties faced by the transgender in our society. The sensitive issue focuses on the negligence and disappointments bestowed upon the transgender.

The movie won the National award for the Best Actor and the Best Make-up artist at the 62nd National Film Festival. Although the movie did not find much support in the commercial space but went on to touch the hearts of the noir movie lovers.


First Rank Raju –



The film explores the importance of academic qualification in life, questioning the logic of parents who consider academic achievements as a measure of success. Told through the story of Raju who is a hardworking student molded by the Indian education system and always stands first in his class hence the name- First Rank Raju.

Topper in terms of education but a fool in terms of knowledge the movie shows the journey of Raju as he tries to figure out his true goal.

The movie got a very good response in the Kannada film industry.




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