If every morning you wake up and have your morning tea in your verandah, feeling those light winds touching your face, I bet your each day would flow so smoothly that you will hardly be any tired by the evening.

Your entire body would feel the change when you breathe in the crisp air and since this is the spring season… the fragranced air by those tiny red and purple flowers in your garden is peerless.

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When I read the following research:
“In 1984, a study found that hospital patients recovered from surgery quicker if their room offered a view of nature compared to those who looked out on a brick wall. Many such studies have found out that health increases with the amount of green space in one’s living environment.”


Many questions started racing in my mind – Are those researches true? Does that actually happen? How does it happen? If I spend 5 minutes in my garden, will that actually give me peace?
And the answer to those questions: Yes, you believe it or not but the nature has the power to heal you, heal you better and faster.

Humans are the very creation of this nature- of this earth, this water and this air. So the only thing that can actually heal us is the nature. And when you spend your time in natural surroundings:

You feel more alive

With the kind of work schedule we all have now, it is making us dead inside hour by hour. It is sucking the very juice of our soul and its natural way to exists.

Nature becomes the fuel to our soul. It rejuvenates our soul, thus making us feel lighter and full of energy.

You become more creative

Spending time in nature has direct impact on your creativity. We are all surrounded by sudden events, happenings, television, loud music etc. which impact our attention system.

By spending time in nature, you regain the gentle, soft core of your soul which enhances your attention, thus making you more thoughtful and creative.

You can improve your memory

Do you actually know? If you walk in natural environment, your short term memory tends to increase by 20% or even if you don’t have enough time to walk in a green space, looking at an image of natural scene can give you the same benefit.

You can increase you self esteem

No I’m pretty serious, you don’t require any personality development classes for this. Any kind of exercise in nature can boost up your self esteem.

A conducted study has shown that just 5 minutes ‘green exercise’ gave the largest boost to self-esteem.

Make your brain work more efficiently

It has been found out that human made environments tend to disrupt connections in our brain because of which we experience mood swings. But natural scenes, be it a sea shore a lush green garden or a snow covered mountain, help us regain the state of calmness of our brain which is very important to deal with the events of our stressful lives.

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Irrespective of all the damage we have done to our nature, it still gives us peace, it still heals us. So, come on people, stop being selfish…

Indulge in various activities of gardening- plant new trees; water those beautiful flowers in your garden, hug trees, smell those flowers; it feels so wonderful!!

Embrace the nature! It gives us a lot! Be grateful for that!


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