10 Hilarious English Idioms You May Not Know

An idiom is a metaphorical expression which is used to express something. Of course, one should not take their literal meaning. Well, you can try doing it and you will end up laughing. Take a look at these 10 hilarious English Idioms you may not know.

1. Bob’s your uncle


This British idiom is an equivalent of “…and that’s that,” or “there you go!”. It is actually funny and is used when everything is alright. So basically, this is something that you say after you have explained how to do something. It is said to highlight that the thing you have explained is easy.

2.To pig out


This one is simple. It means to eat a lot.

3. To put a sock in it.



This idiom means to tell someone who is making a lot of noise to be quiet.

4. Hold your horses.


This is used when you wanna tell someone to carefully consider before jumping on to any decision.

5. Kick the bucket


Any guesses what does it mean? Well, it means,”to die”. So you use this idiom when you are talking about someone who died.

6. Storm in a teacup

1378678576_storm in a teacup

This is used when one refers to a situation where someone has exaggerated an event. It also means tension or anger about something which is not really important.

7.Hairy at the heel


This is used to refer to someone who is dangerous or may be someone whom you cannot trust.

8.All talk and no trousers



This is used when you wanna talk about someone who just brags about things and just talk about big plans and takes no action.

9. Chew the fat


This idiom means to talk in a sociable, friendly and relaxed manner or to engross in casual gossip.

10.Blue in the face


This is said when someone gets weakened or tired after trying many times.

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