US Presidential Elections: White House and Supreme Court Both On the Line in 2016?


After every four years each presidential candidate tries to make people believe that this election is most important for the future of America, that your vote will determine whether we retain American exceptionalism and continue to dominate world affairs.

In the democratic primaries 2016, Hillary Clinton is facing the same threat from Senator Sanders she encountered in the year 2008 from Senator Obama i.e someone from the left, progressive wing of the party challenging her centrist positions on issues of Wall-street and campaign finance reforms. Senator Sanders have galvanized the masses and has successfully tapped into the enormous youth vote in the states, whereas Hillary is blowing up her campaign with each passing day.

In the morning, the news broke that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died which levels the playing field (4-4) in terms of number of liberals and conservatives on the bench. One can debate about the legacy of Justice Scalia, but it’s an undeniable fact that he was deeply conservative. There are few months left for President Obama to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice, but with Republican controlled Senate, his progressive nominee is unlikely to get Senate’s consent. There are major policy reforms hanging in balance at the Supreme court, as the ideological strands of the next Justice who replaces Late Justice Scalia will determine the character of US Supreme Court. For instance, in the latest development the executive action of Obama administration to rein in emissions from the existing power plans has been struck down 5-4 in Supreme court. The next person can right the wrongs of this majority conservative legal congregation and address climate change effectively.

If President Obama is interested in paying tribute to Justice Scalia, how about appointing a real progressive  who is also Scalia’s former clerk and Harvard Law Professor – Prof. Lawrence Lessig. This is another reason for Bernie Bros to come out in large numbers and put him in-charge of the White House, as they are also voting to decide the composition of US Supreme court. #FeeltheBern

Anuj Aggarwal

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