7 Times The Hulk Brutally Murdered Someone

Hulk is being the most uncontrolled of all the heroes of Marvel, has damaged tons of skyscrapers, collaterals and has even committed many cold blooded murders over the year. Here is the list of 7 most sinful murders by the Green Goliath.

Captain America

This is at the time of the “Age of X” story, where a version of Steve Rogers is on the team meant to hunt the mutants. But as he’s Cap he has a change of heart after seeing Mystique die protecting the mutant children he now tries to protect and save the mutants. This makes Cap’s seniors very unhappy and they send a team to hunt Cap. The team has an unbalanced Hulk, who mad with rage fights Cap and kills Susan Storm. Cap loses his leg and bleeds out while Hulk fights others.


The green goliath beats down Wolverine to the ground in 1993 and after hitting him several times, Hulk removes one of the Adamantium- covered spines in his neck which takes the mighty hero to death. Later in the arch Hulk did regret a bit for killing Wolverine but…


While Zombie Galacti, a group of Marvel creations, were strolling through the universe, decided to munch all anything and everything on the track. Thanos was unhappy with the fact that Hulk was eating more than his share as a response to which Hulk says that he’s “eating for two” and destroys Thanos head with a clap.

Wolverine’s family

In “ Old Man Logan” Hulk gang demands money from an area’s residents and kills them if they fail to pay. Wolverine was once targeted to feed hulk with the money, which old Logan was struggling to pay. Hence Banner threatens his family and sends Wolverine away. Wolverine returns only to find out that his wife and two children have been killed because the gang was getting “bored”.

Many civilians

In the arc of “ Days of Then and Now” Hulk is on a spree to kill the planet’s population as a revenge for deciding to send him into space. He sends Annihilation waves to earth, the technology he captures after defeating Annihilus ( who had captured him). After many futile attempts of many superheroes in vein, while they were trying to halt hulk’s genocidal plans, we see that Hulk’s actions had already resulted in numerous causalities.

Thunderbolt Ross

When Ross ends up taking the impact of the gamma bomb, transforming him into a Hulk. He goes on a spree of assassinating countless citizens and scientist Igor Drenkov, also He accidentally kills his own daughter Betty Ross. When Ross returns to his human form, Banner passes a bullet thought Ross’ head for his deeds.



This one is one of the most brutal faces of Hulk, so brutal that we became concerned about Victor. On being ditched about the release of Sabretooth. He then sends a vicious volume of electricity into the poor mutant’s body, using the shock collar. Following it he abolishes him effortlessly with his magnificent thunderclap.

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