20 Superheroes Who Have ‘Useless’ Superpowers

In the world of superhero movies, superheroes are often measured in terms of their abilities, strengths, and superpowers. And sometimes comic-book writers create superheroes with abilities that don’t make any sense or are profoundly naive. Here we bring you 20 superheroes who have useless superpowers.



The Hawkeye appeared in the Avengers and pretty much nailed every scene he war part of. And it’s good he did it. The character of Hawkeye is fascinating as he is the only normal guy with a family among “The Avengers”  and Jeremy Renner portrayed it well. But he is more like Robin Hood in a black outfit. It’s not surprising to see him defeated by the least menacing villains.

He is one of the original members of the Avengers, and he might not be the favorite of every fan, but he sure is pretty cool if you think about it. Along with all the Avengers, we have got to see more and more about him and we have even seen his new suits and the gadgets and stuff that he uses in combat. Some people believe what can Hawkeye possibly add to the team against the mad Titan. But it looks like everything is going to change for him in the coming 2 Avengers movies.

According to MCU Exchange, one specific tragic event will shatter Clint Barton’s world and he will give up his identity as a Hawkeye and embrace a new secretive identity of Ronin. The inside sources are even saying that the event is so dark that it may well be cut during the editing process. Our guess is that Thanos’ Black Order may target his family and murder all of them which would put him on a darker path.



Cypher is a mutant which has the ability to understand any language. That means all spoken and written languages. This ability makes him smarter and gives him the power to hack and read binary codes. But it’s better we don’t consider it as a superpower or else we’ll even have to get our minds tested.

Arm Fall Off Boy


Arm Fall Off Boy has the ability to detach his one arm. Well, that’s it. It would be easy to defeat him in any fight, just pull off his other arm. Should we don’t consider it a superpower? You are the best judge.


Published by Timely Comics, Thunderer first appeared in Daring Mystery Comics #7 in 1941, who is known to be a good hand-to-hand combatant, he possesses a high-impact voice amplification. Who would like to be yelled at? Though he’d be pretty good when intimidating people in interrogation rooms, we also have software for that bro.

Rainbow Girl

Created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte, Rainbow Girl first appeared in Adventure Comics #309 in 1963 and possesses a weird the power of the mysterious emotional spectrum, which causes mood swings. Though she has made fewer appearances in the comic book world, she has used her powers just for fun. And Rainbow Girl? What kind of a superhero name is that?

Matter-Eater Lad

A member of Legion of Super-Heroes has a weird superpower of eating all kinds of matter around him. First appeared in Adventure Comics #303 in 1962, his powers are of no use. What would you eat to defeat rogues? Well, maybe their belongings, but this would not help. Or would it? You be the judge.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not Was once a member of the X-Men. This Marvel ‘Superhero’ has no such power but one. After having an interaction with this guy, everyone would just forget that they ever met him. How threatening can this guy be really.

Stone Boy

Stone Boy is another extremely useless DC character. Dude’s powers are just limited to him being able to convert himself into stone. That would have been great if he were also able to move. Yeah, you read it right, man can’t even move when converted into stone.

Clock King

We sure thought that this guy would have some control over time or some such powers, but well, this ‘super-powered’ dude is literally a clock, the only power being, “he knows exactly what time it is”. Bro, you would have been useful if clocks weren’t actually invented.


Doorman would have been a really great hero if he were in an MNC, dude’s superpower is actually that he can teleport people, “wow that’s great” he can teleport people from one room to another. You call that a superpower? Are you even for real bro?


Dude’s superpowers are renting his stomach to two maggots or worms or whatever, that process whatever this guy eats. Apart from not ever being able to die from starvation, what are his super powers again?

The Green Thumb

Oh come on, now you are just playing with the fans’ hearts, writers. This is a superhero name? And this guy’s powers? Well, he can talk to plants. And then what seek redressal for them? What’s that even supposed to do? Seems like they ran out of options.

Bouncing Boy

He is a 30th-century superhero who has the powers to bounce around like a giant ball. On one hand, the combination of invulnerability and velocity makes him a force to reckon with, but on the other hand, it’s a useless superpower that has limited applications. He was born without any powers, and then he accidentally had a drink laced with a super-plastic formula that he believed was soda pop. He is a member of the Legion of the Superheroes. He is romantically involved with Triplicate girl of the planet Cargg. He was created by Jerry and Jim and first appeared in Action Comics #276 in 1961.

Red Bee

His secret identity is Rick Raleigh. He is an assistant district attorney of the Superior city, Oregon. He puts on a red and yellow suit and with his trainee bees, he fights against gangsters and Nazis. The group ” Freedom fighters” was created out of Squadron and he was made an honorary member. Are you shittin me? Is this for real?

Gin Genie

She is a mutant who appeared as a member of the second team of X-Force. She was featured in X-Force #116 in 2001. She was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred for Marvel comics. She has these weird powers where ‘being a fan’ of Gin Genie is similar to posting one’s Alcoholics Anonymous records on the internet. Her first mission was in North Africa. In the tiny country, the tribesmen are attempting to overthrow the local government. During the mission, Genie’s teammate dies in a tank explosion. Genie herself gets a low-performance rating, as her alcohol mixing produces dangerous tremors. Don’t even think about it.


His original identity is Axel Cluney who is a mutant who appeared as a member of the second team of X-Force. He was also featured in X-Force #116 in 2001. He was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred for Marvel comics. He is tormented by nightmares during the time his mutant power manifested. He could spew acidic vomit from his mouth and wore a protective mouthpiece in and out of costume. It was shown that his vomit could burn through 10 cm thick steel in less than 30 seconds. His mouthpiece was made from unknown material similar to plastic but much stronger. He also possessed enhanced durability.


He is created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Joe Staton. He first appeared in Millennium #2 in 1988. He is a superhero magician who is part of the group called ” Guardians of the Universe” and participates in experimentation related to human evolution. Don’t think he is Dr. Strange, he only has minor tricks up his sleeve that fails in front of a formidable adversary.

Squirrel Girl

The character of Squirrel Girl made her debut in 1990’s as a happy-go-lucky light-hearted person who understands the language of squirrels. She can climb easily using her sharp claws, possess knuckle-spikes that are retractable and has a tail like a squirrel. It’s nothing in comparison to powers to shoot lasers from eyes, teleport at the drop of a hat or destroy life across space and time at will. She is no bad-ass assassin but she is a symbol of positivity and joy in superhero universe which is otherwise dark and brooding.

El Guapo

His name in Spanish translates into ” the handsome one” or “the Brave one” depending on dialect. He first appeared in X-Statix #9. He was initially the stuntman for the X-Statix movie and then was recruited by Sharon Ginsberg who believe that her wings have been amputated because of X-Statix. His power is that he has a symbiotic relationship with his flying skateboard. Once his skateboard went out of control and his eyes and face are distended and he died.

Madame Fatal

He was active in the “Golden Age of Comic-Books” who was notable for appearing as an elder woman during combat. He is the first cross-dressing hero but all he has is appearance. He has got his ass handed to him so many times that its difficult to count.

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