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All DC Villains That Appeared In The Batman (or Were Teased)

The Batman will definitely mark the start of a whole new franchise based on the character. This movie took us to a time for the character where he had just started establishing himself. A lot of interesting characters were also set up around him and this time around we will be getting to see completely original renditions of them. This became clear when we saw that Selina Kyle’s father’s character was taken to be Carmine Falcone which is something that was hinted at in the comics. But the movie also managed to tease some other characters. These characters might end up having an essential role to play in the future of the franchise. Let’s take a look at all DC Villains that appeared in The Batman or were teased through Easter Eggs.

The Riddler

Paul Dano’s take on the Riddler was one of the most talked-about parts of the movie. Everything that was initially released regarding the movie managed to avoid any indication towards the Riddler. Later when we would get our first look at him and it would be absolutely chilling. The character does not look like any version of the Riddler we have seen before in the comics and the movies. It became quite obvious that the character was inspired by the Zodiac killer and only brought more depth to the character. It is not confirmed yet but we can expect to see the character appear in the HBO Max spinoff series.



Colin Farrell was absolutely unrecognizable in the role of Oswald Cobblepot. The first appearance of the actor in the teaser clearly had fans confused about who was playing the role of the character. That was not all, as the actor gave a performance that only made it harder to identify him. Even though he didn’t have a major appearance in the movie, the character managed to prove its weight in the franchise. The actor is already set to reprise the role in the HBO Max spin-off series that will probably give us a lot more to explore. We can also be sure that he will prove to be an interesting villain for the possible sequel to the movie.



DC Villains That Appeared In The Batman

This character is someone who has managed to appear in most of the live-action interpretations of Batman. The character isn’t directly teased as a future villain in the movie but we actually get to see DA Gil Colson as one of the Riddler’s many victims. Considering the position was vacant we can clearly see that the character could be appearing as the next DA in the franchise. The character could be introduced in the sequel or in any one of the upcoming HBO Max spin-off shows. Harvey Dent is one of the characters who will fit quite perfectly in Matt Reeves’ Gotham.


Trigger Twins

This is something that comes as a big surprise as they have not made their live-action debut till now. Max and Charlie Carver have a brief appearance in the movie as the twin bouncers who block the entry to Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge. Their identities weren’t revealed but based on their appearance and link we can assume that they are actually an adaptation of the Trigger Twins. Tom and Tad Trigger were a duo of robbing criminals who appeared to be similar but somehow were never established to be related. We might get some context about these characters in the expansion of the franchise.



Facts About Bane

In an absolutely surprising sequence, Bane ended up being an essential Easter egg in the movie. Around the end of the movie, we see Batman being rather broken down and defeated by the followers of Riddler. But desperate times saw him inject a certain green liquid into him in order to save Selina Kyle from one of the goons. It was quite clear that he ended up giving him an adrenaline rush and he was able to defeat most of the goons. This injection could be the super-steroid that we have seen Bane pump into himself to give him his super strength. It could be anything else at the same time but the color makes it a bit more obvious that it is a reference to Bane.



When the first teaser for the movie arrived, fans immediately linked him to Hush based on his appearance. This was something that was established for quite a while and it is quite apparent that the Riddler’s character is heavily influenced by Hush. The word “Hush” even appears on the screen when we were being told about the story of Bruce’s link with Edward Elliot. This could mean that the character of Edward was inspired by Hush or that we might end up seeing Hush being picked up as a narrative in the sequel.


Court of Owls

DC Villains That Appeared In The Batman

Court of Owls is one of the most essential of the recent narratives surrounding Batman and his town Gotham. The narrative saw a secret society of some of the most influential people in Gotham that has been running the town for a long time. It has been indicated in the movie that Wayne’s parents could be members of this society and this could have been the reason for their death. Both the director and Robert Pattinson have indicated their interest in working on the Court of Owls arc in the sequel. It won’t be surprising to see this movie actually setting up their arrival with essential details.



The biggest tease that the movie ended up making has to be that of Joker. There were a lot of theories making rounds regarding the appearance of Joker and it makes sense considering the character is one of the most essential villains. Barry Keoghan was being attached to the role but Matt Reeves was putting fans off the scent by associating the actor with some other role. But the character ends up getting introduced in the movie in a scene that shows him in one of the cells next to Paul Dano’s Riddler. The two end up having a conversation and this clearly indicates that we can look forward to an interesting narrative from them. Since there is going to be an HBO Max spin-off series centered around Arkham Asylum we can imagine them appearing in some capacity.

So these were the DC Villains that appeared in The Batman or were teased.

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