8 Super-Villains Who Are Helpless Without Their Gear

Some Super-villains are only ‘Super’ because of the equipment and weapons they use. Take that from them, a person like ‘Rocket Raccoon’ would take them down with their hands! Here is a list of Super-Villains who would be demolished in a fight without their Weapons.

The Vulture

Adrian Toomes is a character who has to completely rely on his Vulture Suit and Wings to be effective in a fight. We recently saw that in Spiderman: Homecoming too. Peter would have easily taken him down if it was not for the suit.


Sure he is a trained assassin, and a marksman and Gunman, but we saw exactly how effective he was against Batman in Suicide Squad when Batsy took him down as he was not wearing any of his gear. Without his suit and guns, he himself becomes vulnerable to bullets and would not be hard to take down against trained combatants.

Yellow Jacket

The Yellowjacket suit is what provides the power to its user, so take out the suit and you take out the threat. Scott Lang had still trained to learn and enhance his Fighting Skills, but Darren Cross is not a trained combatant. Without his suit, he is just an arrogant guy with some brains, who would be sitting ducks for others to take down.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze’s exposure to the chemicals he worked with affected his body temperature and made him dependent on the suit he wears to survive. So taking away the suit would turn Mr. Freeze into dead meat. And even if he has his suit on, he could not put up a fight without his gun.

Doctor Octopus

Doc. Ock is one of the biggest villains of Spiderman and the best Live-Action Spiderman villain we have ever seen. But all his greatness and villainy is all because of his cybernetic limbs that had bonded with his body and actually are in control of him. Detach those 4 limbs, and he will just turn into an ordinary scientist incapable of any sort of combat.

Captain Cold


Leonard Snart is a very smart thief but is not capable of achieving a victory against any powered hero without the use of his cold gun which even he himself did not make and had forcefully acquired. Taking his gun away would make him vulnerable just like his Icy Buddy Mr. Freeze.


Scarecrow relies on the fear he instills in his opponents to gain an advantage. Doctor Crane is undoubtedly a person with a dangerous mind, but he’s not going to kill anyone just by psychoanalyzing them. Crane needs his chemicals and his theatrics to be a deadly threat. Without that, he turns really ineffective.

Lex Luthor

Luthor is great at putting together schemes to trick and trap the likes of Superman and others, but in a straight up fight, there is no doubt who would win between them. To become a little bit of a competition, he uses a mech-suit, but without that, he is a mere mortal human.

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